Now some of my own memoirings

Preparing the sections of My Mother’s Memoirs & then publishing them here has also stirred & resparked in me  a desire to prepare & publish my own memoirs here, starting from my first memories & what I remember from the first eleven years of my life that my mother did write about until the point where her narrative stops, in mid-1947, when we were living in that “small bedroom in the place of some old kosher Jew” (see Via Hong Kong to Melbourne), in Elwood…

I wrote in my preface to her memoirs that she wrote them because I asked her to, and that I think she probably stopped where she stopped because she assumed I didn’t need to be told what happened after that. Many years ago my eldest son, Jonathan, also asked me to write my memoirs (and I have on occasions tried to do this, and have quite a number of memoirings on disc), but for various reasons — some known to me & some not, that I won’t even start going into now — I never found a satisfying way to do it.

But now, with this blog as a structurer, I feel I may have found one. I don’t know how far I’ll get with it. I particularly want to start on my childhood years, but I think I’d like to at least get to the time when Jonathan turned 11 — my age at the time my mother’s memoirs stop. That would bring us to mid-1978, in Tel  Aviv, when I turned 42,  with Nitza approaching 35, Ohav approaching 9, and Zohar recently turned 7. But I’m anticipating. Today I’m launching a new “parent page” called My Memoirings, & publishing the first section of it: Childhood: WarsawShanghai, a collation of fragments about my own rememberings from the period my mother wrote about in the sections of her memoirs that I’ve titled MotherhoodRefugeehood: From Warsaw to Shanghai.003 wv 01 hrb



A tinted  portrait of me  aged 3?

A tinted portrait of me aged 3?

In this and following sections of My Memoirings I will also publish some photographs from the period the section covers. I have only a few photographs from the first period. The two I’ve included above are among my long-time favorite pics of me from that time.


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