A pause, & maybe another, & a post I was preparing

For the past few weeks I’ve been coping with some health issues (none of them life-threatening, no need for anyone to worry, but also not easy & quite exhausting), & I haven’t even thought of continuing with the blogging. I’m recovering and regaining strength nicely now, though slowly (which is fine, I’m in no hurry).

But I’ve been through something, and I’ve been feeling somehow more distant from the things I’ve been writing about in this blog. I now want to rethink what I want to do with this blog, how, if at all, to continue with it. So I’m writing this now to explain both my previous pause and the pause that will or may follow this present post for I have no idea how long.

Before I stopped thinking of my blog I had prepared a draft of what was to be my next post. It began with a quotation of a comment on my previous post that I’d already received (submitted on 130418) but hadn’t yet related to. On rereading it, I decided that although I do feel more distant from these things right now, I still feel more or less the same way about this matter, & so I may as well as post what I’d prepared. Here it is:


In the latest recent comment on my last post, Peter Weiniger wrote:
“As always, an eloquent and empathetic commentary, this time, on the so-called ‘two state solution’. If we dismiss this as the least worst solution, what alternatives remain: the one state solution, advocated by the far left and nationalist Israelis, but for different reasons and outcomes. The left position: a state for Jews and Palestinians dominated by Palestinians, who will comprise the majority, or the nationalists: a state dominated by a Jewish majority. Or do we settle for the status-quo? No easy, convenient solutions here, I’m afraid.”

Reading Peter’s concise & I’d say accurate iteration of the three kinds of “solutions” that are being mooted as alternatives to the “status quo”, I realize that I think it’s wrong to call any of them solutions. Surely it’s more correct to see them as proposals, ideas being advocated by different interest groups with different agendas, and thus also as drivers of different kinds of activism in the status-quo.

I think all of them are — or would be — convenient for some & more than just inconvenient for others, as is the uneasy & not-so-static status quo, & I think it’s hard to foresee any clear resultant of the conflicting vectors of this complex dynamism.

I don’t “dismiss” any of the proposals, least of all what Peter aptly calls the “least worst” one. I just don’t think any of them is a solution, in any reasonable or humane sense of that word.

But not I’m not ultimately pessimistic: I hope & believe that among the younger generation of both “peoples” there will emerge some who will be able to imagine, conceive, act for, & ultimately bring about a viable alternative to the ongoing strife.

& that is not all: I for one am glad to know that for some time now there have also been various forms of cooperation & dialogue between Israeli Jews & Palestinian Arabs, especially among the youth. This process, in fact, can be seen as peace actually being made, at least among those participating in these activities, but surely also rippling beyond them to at least everyone they come in contact with. It makes me think of the deeper meaning of the saying or slogan I have encountered several times, “There is no way to peace; peace is the way.” & I think it’s good to keep in mind that with all the terrible things that are still happening, the recurrent attacks & counter-attacks with their inevitable casualties, the grief & the bitterness that they cause, the suspicion & fear & hatred of the other side that they provoke – at the same time there are Israeli Jews & Palestinian Arabs who are already living in peace with one another & at the same time building the basis for future peace in the land. There is much more of this going on than we generally imagine or know about. With a bit of googling I’ve drawn up a short list of sites that tell a little of this story…








http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/1/prweb10378852.htm (Israeli and Palestinian Youth Musicians of Heartbeat Embark on Debut U.S. Tour to Promote Cooperation and Understanding)


Not that there aren’t difficulties:



& if anyone knows of other sites on Israeli-Palestinian collaborations, please send me the links to add to this list…


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