[3] my last full day in hospital, still slowly [but nicely, but definitely gaily] recovering etc…

0637  (I’m adopting the “military”(??) form for the times, it saves me having to use points, ams & pms, & using it here first of all to indicate the time I start writing a new par[agraph]): At 0545 a nurse wakes me as daily…

[1755: a note before I publish: just in case wordpress again publishes this using my previous profile pic, I’m adding a thumbnail of the one I updated here but doesn’t seem to be appearing. if it does appear, no harm done, you’ll just see it twice: I just don’t want you thinking that what’s written here comes from the face you see in the old pic.
IMG_1612 crop& another note: this has turned out to already be quite a long post, so please feel free to read just as little as you want each time & come back to it later. now back to the chronological progression.]

0717 [in the meantime, after rising, dressing, hands & face washing, teeth & dentures brushing, two puffs of my inhaler, thinking, who knows, this may be my last full day here, maybe make it a day without even looking at facebook, see what that can bring, & opened my blogsite to start this writing, but then the breakfast girl brought in my tray …. anyhow,  to continue, first, the sentence I started above] … turning on the light in the bathroom & opening its door so she can see to do my “obs[ervations]”, I don’t open my eyes as I bring my right arm out from under the blankets & sheet & let her wrap the on the armband that tightens & tightens so the machine can digitally show my now&here blood pressure while she slips the rubber oxygen level measurer onto my middle finger & sticks the disposable metal tip of the thermometer into my left ear, & when the band untightens a bit I take a peep at the numbers, just to be sure the blood pressure’s ok, & it’s reasonable enough, & when she turns off the bathroom light & closes the door I turn over to my left side thinking maybe i’ll sleep a little, but already dayish thoughts are coming in, like one about a wordspic posted on facebook yesterday about this group they’re forming in israelandpalestine for “THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX” for people to come up with whatever dreams or crazy ideas & I imagine all kinds of brainstorming & maybe ultralateral thinking, which closed with a sentence something like (I’m not going to go check it now) “Who knows what ideas people might come up with that might change things for the better?”, which I clicked a “Like” to, & commented “Who knows indeed? Keep us posted”, while Shakespeare’s Hamlet’s line “Who knows what dreams may come / When we have shuffled off this mortal coil” ran thru my mind, but couldn’t think of how to appropriate it to the context, like, say, “/ Before we shove every of one of us off this mortal soil”?… no, no, I let it go then… Anyhow, while lying there I find myself thinking: so if you think outside the box (whatever box you may be thinking in), who’s to say you won’t just be thinking inside another box?, maybe all thinking goes on in boxes, boxes inside (or, if you prefer, outside) boxes, like those trick presents wrapped in endless layers of paper or those Russian(?) dolls or eggs that have smaller ones inside them — except that here the process is in the opposite direction, from thinking inside a small box to thinking outside it but inside a larger one, anyhow with all that in my head I decided I was awake enough to get up, and quickly put some clothes on my naked body (I’ve found the clean sheets that they change here daily the least irritating to my skin), the “clothes” I wear here during the day also of my own designing for minimum skin irritation: a cotton half-sheet that I don like a longhi or sarong, then from shoulders to thighs one of those blue cotton hospital gowns that you put on back-to-front & can tie round your waist with white strips at the sides; over that a thinner white cotton gown that’s also meant to be put on back-to-front (tbc [= to be continued])

0826 That par interrupted first when two service staff girls came to change my bedsheets & I stopped to remind them that I like the top sheet to be drawn only up to the top of my bed, and the blankets to be brought only up to about twelve inches below that & then fold the strip of sheet over them, & please not to tuck them in at the bed’s bottom, happy again that they’re not annoyed by my telling them how to do their job (the first few days here, I jut remade my bed after them the way I like it, but for a few days now I’ve been telling them –they’re not always the same ladies & even when they are they can’t be expected to remember, they have 54 beds to do in about an hour each morning! — & they’re all ok with that & we can share some good-humoured banter) & then another nurse came to bring me my morning meds (asked me about the methotextrate on my chart, which I explained the dermatologist had prescribed to help bring down the psoriasis but I only take it morning & evening on Tuesday & morning on wednesday every week, & asked me if I’d done my flixotide puffer, which I had, & then gave me my 11 morning pills (prednisone now 40 mg, 3rd day down from the 50 until then — now comes in 4 pills, a 25 & three 5s; my new — 3rd day on this too — SSRI, escatalopram; vitamin D; amplodipine for my blood pressure; aspirin my daily blood-thinner; telfast antihistamine to lessen the itching; Lasix to help bring down the still somewhat bothersome swelling around & above my ankles & feet; folic acid for whatever that does)  … & now to continue: I put on that white gown with the opening to the front so it’s like a kind of light coat, but because its straps are short, maybe for tying at the back, I’ve fashioned an extension strip out of white papertape so I can tie it in front, & that’s my basic dress for the day, & when it gets cooler I take another cotton half sheet & put it over my shoulders like a large tallith, & that’s also how I walk in the ward corridor when I do some walking exercising or go to the little room where a machine makes me a really tasty coffee, & there’ve been some fun responses, the head male nurse said to me I look positively papal, another one told me I look like a monk, and as I approached the central desk yesterday afternoon in this garb & with my walking-stick one nurse there said “I think I’m having a vision… It’s like the guy in the bible who parted the waters with his staff, who was it?”, and after a few guesses she came up with the name Moses … & I’ll pause here, maybe I can capture some of this costume with my ipad camera, tho I’d like to do it without my face, because all my selfies of my face come out pretty awful. back soon, hopefully… [stopped 0913, tbc]

1107, after skypemessaging Nitza my “plans” for today, staging & taking the ipadpics (which involved several maneuvers of getting up on a chair in my bathroom facing the mirror, good exercise though), having a poo, then my shower, then smearing my skin all over with the corticosteroid cream, then buzzing for a nurse to do my back after putting a towel around my waist, finally coming back to the computer in my towel, seeing N’s reply & replying with a heart, music & sun emoticon, then nurse sam coming back to do my “obs” again, uploading the pics & cropping them in Paint, I’ll upload them here:

IMG_1765 crop 1213  … well, I didn’t like the second one, so went off again to try for a better shot (& before that took some shots  of the changed sky&seascape thru my window) , & then they brought lunch, then the doctor came, he says the blood tests are all good & I can be “discharged” tomorrow, probably some time “after lunch”, after the pharmacy people can give me a full schedule of the meds I have to go on taking etc. so then I skypemessaged N with the good news & also broke my facebook break briefly to update my family group, & now its already 1310 & I’m going to take a little walk & then make myself some coffee…

1338  ah this coffee’s so good, & wow, the roggelle Zo brought me yesterday when he & Tali & Omri & Shamaya paid me a brief but delighting visit yesterday (so good to have a good baker son, & not just a baker, he also brought me sabeekh in a pita the way he makes me so well that I wolfed down happily in two portions yesterday) & twas good to see Omri up & better after a week of hard flu, & with his new haircut that suits him so well, Tali was calling him Mr Know-it-all, because he’s so often adamant that he knows everything, & when I asked him “So how do you know all this stuff that you know?” he thought for a brief moment & then brightly answered: “Fishing!”, which I found delightful (& he’s a kid whose Dad has already often taken him fishing)…   Meanwhile, back to the THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: can it be that when you come out of the box you were in you’ve got to start exploring the dimensions & contents of the bigger box you find yourself in? Can your box be initially a Tardis? IMG_1780 crop
Or do you have to start looking for materials to actually build some kind of relatively safe & manageable box outside the smaller one yet inside the one whose qualities & quantities you don’t yet know? & say, if we go back to the particular box or boxes the question arose out of: must you first define the box you want to start thinking outside of? actually how many boxes or kinds of boxes are boxing one another &/or boxed disharmoniously together in israelandpalestine, & how boxed are these boxes in bigger boxes of corporate, ethnic, racial, religious, military-, petro-, etc, etc, industrial packaging, all of them surely only (but powerfully) imagined realities,  to use the term explained, used & demonstrated so well by the brilliant Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, whose book, which has now been published under several titles (the latest: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind) is a real mind-opener, every bit as fascinating & much much more illuminating than Hendrik van Loon’s The Story of Mankind that was my first real introduction to history in my  childhood, & which I’d recommend to any teenager & anyone seriously interested in history, historiography &/or historiosophy, & certainly to any sane education system that wants a good primer for all introductions to the history of our species (but more about that maybe some other time). Maybe now I’ll upload the second pic I’ve cropped from the takes I did before lunch, & then lie down for a rest..

1715  I had a great nap, I love these hospital beds with their remote controls tat can get your feet & legs &/or your back up or down as you need &/or want them, & a wonderful little dinner of beef stroganoff & sautéed potatoes & side salad, the food here is always tasty & different every day with choices you make yourself & it comes like clockwork at fixed times, & you know what, I think I’ll just reread for typos what I’ve written till now, publish it, & see what else comes the rest of this day…

1750  which I’ve now done, so here goes another one…

1803 actually not until I add that pic I mentioned in the second par

1817 here we go!

2 thoughts on “[3] my last full day in hospital, still slowly [but nicely, but definitely gaily] recovering etc…

  1. One night at the cafe opening in Sfad a young man was sitting and rocking back and forwards on the floor moaning, ‘why do I feel so bad, why do I feel so bad?’
    You stopped for a moment and then asked him “why do you think about yourself so much?” I have recalled that moment over the years.


    • I love what you wrote here, dear Anonymous. Not surprisingly, I don’t myself remember the incident, which you describe so vividly, but reading it did bring me some vague recall. & the sentence itself has sparked a further thought in me: it got me wondering if the wisdom in the question that came out of me that moment could somehow also be addressed not only to individual but also to collective egoes? Oh, & since readers won’t know what you mean by “the cafe opening at Sfad”, a brief word of explanation: at some time (probably in 1970) a group of us rather “enterprising” & I suppose also somehow “evangelical” (in the sense of “bringing the good news” of the “Aquarian” message) “hippies” from our so-called “commune” in Rosh Pina made an arrangement with a villa-owner in Tzfat (“Safed”) to open a new hip style “cafe/bar”, which we decorated in psychedelic style & where we played psychedelic rock, &… but I won’t go into further details here, this is surely matter for another future post or page…. Anyhow, my heartfelt thanks for this memory.


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