[4] some gay lines & a pic from an earlier gray day, & some pics from my last full hospital day

First a pic & some lines from an earlier day that I posted on Facebook a few days ago (140822):

another gray day

another gray day

& today starts out gray
& gray too is ok
one more way
to be gay
in the spirit of play

(& yes i love the word gay
& what it always could say
before being taken astray
to mean a samesexual way)

yeats said it best, feel I
in his great lapis lazuli
(google & read it, don’t be shy)
with some of the best lines i’ve ever read
like “Gaiety transfiguring all that dread”…

& then pics of changes in the skies thru this, my last full day here,  most of them through the window of my hospital room, and two from the end of the corridor outside. The captions give the times they were taken, again in “military style”.


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