Civilization (-1?, 2?, 3?)

politics meme

This is a follow-up to a poem I posted on Facebook two days ago (140826) & will append at the end of this post, as well as to a musing I posted here a few days before that, to which I’ll also refer & add a link. I composed what follows the quote just over three years ago (hence the question-marks after the numbers in the title). I’m not sure I totally agree today with everything in it, but it is for me something to continue to reflect on, & perhaps, thru posting it, not alone…

Politics is inherently controversial crop
The quotation is from Harry V. Jaffa, Aristotle and the Higher Good, review of a new translation of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics by Robert C. Bartlett And Susan D. Collins in Here I also found the following reference by Jaffa to the views of Leo Strauss [see], to which I then added the comment below it:

The West2

To that comment I added a couple of days later: & today (110708) I find:, an article I reread while building this post & find most apposite & still relevant today.

& during this process, two days ago (140828), it also occurred to me that without the colonialism & nationalism that developed in “The West”, Zionism too could never have been born…

& now from the earlier musing I referred to above, in a post titled [[2] in hospital, slowly [but nicely, even gaily] recovering from an acute psoriasis flare-up , I include here the following excerpt:

& I was thinking of adding to my earlier listing all the cruelties & incivilities, robbings, rapings, beheadings, forcings, torturings physical &/or mental, tormentings. & imposings & deposings & other shit done by individuals to others, whether for personal or impersonal reasons, no less than all the stuff done by all the gangs, militias, governments or organizations that have only their own groupings’ (religious, ethnic, corporate, familial, tribal, ideocentric &/or xenophobic &/or whatever) interests at heart, all converging for me into the thought that civilization, really like any -ization, is a verbal noun, a process in progress, something that is still evolving & hasn’t been fully achieved yet, though much progress has been made in the few tens of millennia it has been going on for — let’s face it, for all the technical & cultural & other accomplishments that ancient & modern so-called civilizations have achieved, some which have lasted & some which have been lost, it has only been since the 60s of the last century that women have begun to be treated as people with equal rights, & still only in the more advanced parts of the world, & civilization will never be a substantive until civility to all others is the basic rule of life & most of the people in the world are civil to one another & I can’t even guess if this can ever happen but also can’t imagine real progress without an increase of feminine & maternal & compassionate influences in ways that will counter the continuing marches of hordes of masculine raiders & marauders & conquerors & profiteers & occupiers of lands & resources & peoples that have so far been the driving forces of so much of what we call human history, & I somehow feel that the only real hope for a civil civilization lies in those deeply feminine impulses that I know [not only from myself] are not absent from masculine hearts….

& here’s the poem I posted on Facebook:

Civilization crop



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