(From Nirim!) “[Oz] Politicians and their obscenely excessive perquisites (perks)”

This piece was just forwarded to me from Kibbutz Nirim by Dov Golembowicz, the leading founder of Hashomer Hatzair in Australia in the 1950s, an erstwhile comrade of mine there & also in Nirim where i was a member for some 3 years (1959-62), & who is still there & with all he & his comrades there have gone thru in recent weeks still has an evident concern with what goes on here “down under”. I find this piece quite illuminating & important, tho I’d say I at least wonder if the author seriously reckons all the quite industrious tycoons, CEOs & others of the more active upper percentiles can actually be called “bludgers”. Otherwise, I reckon it’s seriously worth reading, not only for Australians, because this model  was not only not invented here but is rife in so many parts of our still-capitalistically dominated planet. I’ve uploaded it in 3 pics for easier reading.

It matters not who you vote for2 crop_Page_1It matters not who you vote for2 crop_Page_2It matters not who you vote for2 crop_Page_3

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