Civil Rights for all in Israel/Palestine: Noam Sheizaf’s Clearer Vision for a Way to Really Start Resolving the Seemingly Irresolvable Conflict

I thought I’d shared the post Noam Sheizaf published last week, but it seems I hadn’t.
Now he’s posted a follow-up.
Here’s the link to the first one,“One- or two-state solution? The answer is both (or neither)”,
& here’s the link to today’s, “Replacing the peace process with a civil rights struggle”

I really believe he’s on the right track. (I don’t live there any more, & as I’ve written before, it’s not my place to say what people living in other countries should do, but hey, I’m a Jew, & Israel’s continuing its occupation & devastation policies & practices in the name of the big lie (all connotations intended) that it’s “the national state of the Jewish people” &  I do care what’s happening there & what it’s doing to every Palestinian & Israeli in that country (& also one way or another to most Palestinians & Jews outside that country), & what Sheizaf is suggesting may help start getting the ball rolling in a more humane & civil direction…


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