testing: embedding some recent facebook posts into my blogsite

Serendipitically again, I’ve happened on instructions on how to embed facebook posts into wordpress, & since I’ve been posting a lot there & know that at least some of my readers don’t use facebook, thought I’d try & see if I can repost some of them here. so for my first test, 3 posts related to what we’re still calling the israel/palestine conflict, 1 on a seemingly unrelated “local” australian issue, but i make a connection with the 3rd one after it; & a final one on a lighter if also related note.

1. a translation I recently posted:

2. a post I added a translation to a coupled of days ago:

3. a post I shared & commented on today:

4. a post I commented on today:

my comment was: “Because the funders of the politicians make more profits out of “defence” spending?
which to my mind links with what Samah Sabawi was saying: the leaderships of most countries or nations have (& are led by) quite other interests than empowering or benefiting the people they “govern”…

5. something I saw & liked & shared today:

(& please ignore the “Melbourne High School” after my bane on every post. I keep forgetting to remove it from my profile. Not that I’m ashamed of having gone there for 2 years, but I don’t need it appearing after  my name on every post. I’ll find a way to delete it soon.)


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