Recent Englishings of Three Recent IsraeliHebrew Poems

First published on Facebook on 140903. My Facebook readers may have read them, but here others can too. This post isn’t an “embedding” like the previous one. I posted these 3 poems, Yitzhak Laor‘s The Eternal Spring, Mordechai Geldman‘s The Expert, and Pini Rabenu‘s Don’t Console Me, together on Facebook but didn’t manage to get them to appear there in a way I feel is appropriate & in the chronological (&, as it turned out in light of the recent developments in that part of the world where they were written, also the themological) order I wanted (& may I add that they all also seem to me today to connect to the poem by Wisława Szymborska I recently re-Englished).

yitzhak laor The Eternal Spring crop


The Expert crop





Pini Rabenu Don’t Console Me 17


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