A “Liberation Anthem” by/from Samah Sabawi

Samah Liberation Anthem page 0917

On 140913 Samah Sabawi replied (on Facebook) to my comment there to her status that I’d also embedded in a post here a little earlier: “I liked your comment on my post. My response is something I’ve written almost two years ago. I call it The Liberation Anthem”. With her permission, I’m publishing here that reply & a one-page format I’ve designed of her anthem (click on it to enlarge it). Also with her permission, I’m republishing below the text of a status she posted on Facebook a few weeks ago that I liked very much & fundamentally identify with, in which she also describes how she sees herself:

An Islamic state, a Jewish state, soon why not a Christian state in the Middle East… all of them exclusive states by nature on land that historically belonged to and is (or was not long ago) inhabited by diverse vibrant religions and ethnicities. Exclusive racist states that can only flourish on the ethnic cleansing and the denial of the rights of others repulse me. I am a Muslim by birth, an Arab by ethnicity, a Palestinian by identity, Canadian Australian by citizenship, and above all I am a HUMAN BEING. Borders don’t define me. The colour of my skin, the language I speak and how I pray don’t make me a better or a worse human being. Exclusive ethnocentric religious states don’t represent my aspiration for an inclusive democratic world where all people are treated as equals and where universal human rights are respected.


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