shanatova title

שנה טובה


To my loved ones & those close to me & my friends in particular, but also this whole beautiful world of ours, which is heating up at unbridled speed & is fatally/humanly ill with physical and psychical personal, national, religious, racial & other epidemics, I wish a year of recuperation/healing, a year of creative beginnings to amend distortions, a year of blessing, reconciliation, and advance towards something resembling peace, and post here a “Good Year” card created by Moshe Mirsky, designer of publications for the Mishkan [Museum of Art, Ein Harod, an institution I have had the privilege of working with as a translator for many years & feel very close to. The card was sent to me by Galia Bar Or, the museum’s director & curator , & I’m sharing it here as greeting to you all with her & the designer’s permission.(The drawing of course alludes to the prophecy of Isaiah (11.6), “& the wolf shall dwell with the lamb”, & the handwritten scribble says shana tova — a good year…
& an additional thought: the Hebrew new year that begins is 5775 (in the Arabic numerals, a symmetrical palindrome!).
According to Jewish tradition, this count is from the beginning of the creation of the world, and according to another, “the world was created in/through a word”. I’d like to suggest there’s nothing necessarily “unscientific” about either claim, tho I’m not implying the Genesis story’s true. The dating might not be precise, but after all, it may well have been around that time that humans first conceived the concept “world” (in whatever language) & surely it was only at that moment that the “world” was created….  Have a good year, folks. 


One thought on “A GOOD YEAR 5775

  1. Hi Dik, Much thanks for your good wishes and thoughts. May the coming year bring us all some happiness and joy. My love to you and the lovely, amazingly talented Nitza and the rest of the Flantz clan. Cheers, peter w


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