Zion Is …


Zion Is …

Zion is nowhere, Zion is nowhen
Zion is everywhere, Zion is everywhen
Zion is therewhere, Zion is therewhen
Zion is herewhere, Zion is nowwhen

Zion’s an ancient name, still vibrant today
With meanings in languages too many to tally
For  Jews & for Christians & Muslims & Rastas
& for atheists too, & for both good souls & bastards

Zion’s a pinpoint countless angels can dance on
Zion’s a placetime, a planet, a galaxy
in which all the participants
receive all they need & give all they can give

Zion’s a dream, an Eden, to scoff at or yearn for,
when you feel you & so many into chaos are hurled
Zion’s a notion, an emotion, an ocean
Zion’s where you are when you’re at one with the world


(A first draft of a new poem, inspired by Kei Miller’s “The Cartographer Tries To Map a Way to Zion” on which I published a post yesterday, & also as a prelude to some remarks I’m drafting on modern Zionism & on  the Ultra-Zionism being promoted & implemented by the State-of-Israel in Palestine.)


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