so (series 2, no. 1)

is there a point in sharing posts or links no-one else gives likes to &/or comments on?
yes, if i want to have a timeline of the things I felt to share when I felt to share them
in between the things I myself composed & posted when I felt to post them
why i’d want to do this isn’t yet & may never be all clear to me
but i’m glad it’s happening & know i still want to do it

I was thinking this about my Facebook shares & poists & then came this so:
i can’t embed my Facebook timeline in my WordPress blogsite
but I can offer this to my blogsite readers: request me as a friend
(if you’re not on Facebook, you can just sign in, & then choose only friends you want
& no-one you wouldn’t want to would see your page – perhaps some mind&heartless
monitors serving political or economic interests, & what interest could they find in
words about lines of words, so don’t be afraid of Facebook).
ok, so if, or once, you’re on Facebook, send me a friend request
& a private message with at least your name & the codeword dikfla

I’d still have two timelines, one in the Archives here, one there
but now with blogsitereaders with access to the other.
that should be enough for me

the blogsite has few viewers
a few of these give likes
no-one’s made  a comment
now averaging 7 views a day
& that too is enough

even no views
as long as i want to put it out
it’s enough for me


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