With Invisible (But Visibly Effective) Blinkers On

A photo of the Jezreel Valley by Asaf Amran, which I found shared today on Facebook

A photo of the Jezreel Valley by Asaf Amran, which I found shared today on Facebook

With invisible (but visibly effective) blinkers on
(how else?) in that so beautiful land (really
beautiful though only mythically “holy”)
day in day out (I know, I wore them too, during
most of the several decades I lived there,
& often still do while I live here
in this no-less-beautiful part of what was
once the land of the Dreaming,
where similar if not so extensive wrongs
& injustices continue) good people
who have no other homeland
live & love, recreate & procreate,
& create too, fine, folk, pop, hip-hop,
modern, postmodern, postpostmodern
art, & literature, theater & songs
in their old-new language; music & dance,
architecture, town-building, agriculture,
horticulture, science, invention, low-tech,
hi-tech, restaurants & cafes, movies, TV,
landscaping & airscaping, anything, in so
many ways escaping the reality around them
(the Facebook posts of some of them show
only the beautiful things they see & like,
& those things really are beautiful)
that sustains their lives
through a brutal & oppressive occupation
& recurrent waves of bombings of towns
& killings of indigenous people
dispossessed of their rights & their homes

& in all this they’re not so different from
so many colonists or their descendants
who have made their homes
in countries & continents
other than their countries of origin
except that now, there,
the resistance of the oppressed
& its repression & that of the protests
of the few who have cast off the blinkers
is increasing & accelerating & escalating
to a point where it all may explode or implode,
or both, & if that happens, what use
will those blinkers be?

& what use is my caring, for those of them
that I know, & for the many I don’t know
or for all the oppressed & repressed? can it be
that this is what I see when I don’t see things
closer to myself, with my own invisible
& effective (but not visibly to me) blinkers on?

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