Happy happy birthday, Nitza

n at amalia131 crop1You’re 71 today, a month or so & 51 years
since first we met,
& began to love each other
& married only a few months later

I wrote in some lines for your 50th birthday,
dancing suns in deep brown eyes,
spirit comrade of my spirit
brilliant seer, generous giver,
truest partner of my living and loving
and parenting and doing, […]

I still feel so blessed that you still are
all the things I said there, & so much more,
indeed much wiser than before, still the so-creative
artist, inspirer, of me & also of so many actual & virtual
friends, a true comrade, partner, seer,  & revealer to me
of truths & things I wouldn’t have seen without your
unafraid showing & telling, giver of wisdom & love

& attention to me, to n at amalia132 crop1our sons, & all our family,
true friend to our daughters-in-law, whose sides
you unstereotypically take so often, wonderfully devoted
to our four grandchildren who I feel are so fortunate
to have you as their grandmother. What would I do,
what would I be, without you, I often think, but I know
the answer: I am what I am now, already,
also because you are what you are.

So I bless you on this day, & bless this day,
November 12th, when you were born, 71 years ago,
in 1943, as the Red Army was driving the Nazis
out of Ukraine where your parents came from,
& the British were already in Italy,
& the Americans were already bombing Berlin,

& your parents named you Nitzhia, which compounds
both Victory, nitzahon, and Eternity, netzah,
& you for me are both,
victorious over so many obstacles, & for ever
the one my soul loves & unconsciously always sought.

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