Two sets of lines composed with tea etc in an air conditioned room when it’s 35°C outside


This is how I can write
when I can see
the difference
between a perspective
& a prognosis
& how either or both
can beget
& hence belittle,
demean, deny, or
the opposite of any or
of all of the above,
both one’s image
& the actual lived reality
of the Other
(sides &/or persons)
& inevitably of oneself,
one’s own
(side &/or person)

[inspired by,& a follow-up to my previous share of David Remnick’s fine survey & the intro
I wrote for it:



& where wishes come in,
some leading to action,
desperate or moderate,
& some to depressive inaction,
some to domination & some to submission,
some to demonization & some to compassion,
some to blinkered indifference,
& some to realistic acceptance
that wishes are wishes,
no more no less,
& those on all sides
with the power to act
towards their wishes
will act as they act
& what will be will be

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