Tacking (up the drive to get home from the creek & … )

My first walk down to the creek since I came home from hospital, stoned again this afternoon after a few hours of translation work. Walking down, with the stick, was easy enough. & already on the way down I thought I’d need to tack my way up, crossing the path at zigzags to my left then my right & so on, or I wouldn’t have the breath to get back. But figured I could do it, feeling better lately, & here I am after doing it already writing about it & knowing I want to add pics I took & also other things I want to put in this post, another set of zigzag tackings. Now tea break.

The tip of my finger got into the frame of two pics I took from the bridge over the creek. The creek is low. There hasn’t been much rain this spring (the hottest spring ever recorded in Australia, i read online today).


Those were from the north-west side. From the other side, different scenes:



& a view of further down the creek (its a long long long one this Wilsons Creek) & around & up above it


& a look at what’s behind me with part of a selfie in the corner


then, while heading home, already tacking, thinking to snap the way i’ve come from the bridge


& then the way still to go to our drive


& then the drive to be tacked

& when I’ve passed the steepest part I can sit down on a rock beside the phone company’s poles where they’d rejoined the cables they had cut by mistake some years ago & photograph the rest of the way home (just visible at the far left of the pic)


& a composition of crocs, walking-stick end, pine cones, dead leaves & living  stalks & leaves of grass


& these pics are my selection from the 54 I took on this walk, but I feel I need to add a surprise I found, which i’ll call an accidental abstract white epiphany:


& now I can come to other things I wanted to include in this post.

First, though this wasn’t my plan, but a comment I just saw on Facebook made me want to embed this photo/status by Dr. Salam Fayyad that I shared several days ago.
But what I originally wanted to start with was to share here a poem by Charlie Gorkin that was shared on Facebook today by the glass artist Asaf Zakay, I really like the way it reverses; then a couple of posts I want to comment on: one by Ran Greenstein sharing an article by Mya Guarneri (I’ve now added my comment there), & another one that I’ll leave for now, this post is already long enough…




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