A Collation of Naomi Wolf’s “Witnessings” by Descendants of Arab Palestinian Exiles

daily cloudt


Twenty-one hours ago Naomi Wolf, who runs the “Daily Cloudt” page on Facebook as a “Team Humanity” reporting page, asked for personal narratives about the expulsions and flights of Arab Palestinians during the 1947-49 period (the beginnings of the Naqba & the State of Israel’s “War of Independence”). Since then numerous posts have appeared on her page, with numerous “Witnessings”, as she calls them, not only in the posts but also in the many comments that accompany them. These are often second- or third-hand narrations, but they are most moving & many of them ring too sadly true – about what happened in Palestine then, but also, surely, about what has happened to many other people in other countries as well; together (& there will probably be more) they form a uniquely collected human story we should all acknowledge, in a different way to what we can find in more academic studies. I would have shared each of these posts, but sharing them on Facebook does not also share the comments. So I have collated the links to all of them, in sequence from earliest to latest, so that the posts & comments can be read. & I’m doing this on my blogsite so that readers who aren’t on Facebook can read them too.
















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