&/but – these posts i need to share

Then I make my lunch & sit down to eat it, opening my iPad to Facebook, & find these posts I feel I need to share. Again a most moving  one from Naomi Wolf, two from Jews Against the Occupation Australia, and some from other sources (the 5th link should open The Palestine Project’s Facebook page, where there are many more posts worthy of attention). All I can do at this moment to express my solidarity with those struggling for justice & my feelings for those who have suffered & continue to suffer injustice in Israel & throughout Palestine & wherever else the Naqba’s victims & their descendants may be is to share these posts & hope that some will reach some hearts that can act to make a difference.  (Remember, there are some very moving things in some of the comments too.)

Mass graves of Arabs discovered in Jaffa (from 1948-49  war?)

Mass graves of Arab Palestinians discovered in Jaffa (from 1948-49 war?) (see 1st link)










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