our differences – & our common humanity

We speak & think in different languages
enough to think our differences,
be they genetic, historical, mythical, cultural, social, economic
are more important than our common humanity,
enough to fight for, to oppress & exploit others,
to suppress our humanity for.


& I want to add links here to two posts I’ve shared today on Facebook, & a pic from each.

+972’s Story of the Year: Gaza


A destroyed quarter in Shujaiyeh neighborhood in the east of Gaza City, during a ceasefire, July 27, 2014. (Photo by Anne Paq/Activestills.org)

Anat Heffetz’s status today from Kibbutz Nirim, on the Gaza Strip border, opposite Khan Younis.

nirim fence

& looking at this picture taken beside the fence that now separates Kibbutz Nirim from the fields Khan Younis I recall the pic I took from further back in the fields of Nirim in 1961, during the three years I was a member there, & the short poem I wrote about it, both of which I published here in an earlier post. Here’s the pic:


You can see where the fields of Khan Younis begin in both pics. & here’s the link to the post.


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