Beyond this iPad screen

I just read this:


Is “Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” (AQAP) targeting Jews in Europe?
Has AQAP adopted the Nazi vision of a Judenrein Europe?
&/or forged an alliance with the ultraZionism that says all Jews should live in Israel
in Palestine?
&/or is all this part of the “anti-terrorist” policing takeover of the civic domain
by the global-corporate-ruled states of the “democratic” West?
& are real people’s lives in danger
(apart from the continuing damage of suppression
of your freedom of expression)?
& what can we do
except show what we see?
& maybe say, hey that’s not me,
not how I want it to be
out there
(outside this airconditioned room
this cool bubble in the humid heat
of this subtropical australian summer
in the month after the hottest year on record)
out there
beyond this iPad screen

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