I tweeted this (my third tweet ever!)

twet wewhohow

today, after Facebooksharing the Spiegel interview with Naomi Klein:

to which I then added two comments:

comments wewhohow


& that’s how I came up with #WeWhoHow!

Because it’s
who have to

(the global corporate oligarchs with all their power&profit-ensuring international threaties [that was a typo, now it’s a deliberate ‘double word’ choice] & institutions won’t, so it’s #WeWhoHow! who have to…)

imagine & communicate
organize & activate
regulate this capitalism
cut these emissions
reinstitute honest social welfare
delegitimize this neoliberalism
improve our Earth’s condition
end all “national” or “religious” warfare

(models might be like the people’s organizations in Spain that gave rise to Podemos, or similar organizations in Greece to Syriza, or in Delhi to the Aam Aadmi Party [AAP]; & see also the essay in The Monthly by Tim Flannery &  & Catriona Wallace,

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