Never Again? Or All the Bloody Time? – An Open Letter to Everyone Who Can Read

(on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 19, 2015)


Originally, this was going to be ‘An Open Letter to
the World’s Leaders & Their Corporate Patrons’,
& it began like this:
Undear Leaders, Presidents, Premiers, Prime Ministers,
Chairpersons, Dons, Bosses, Chiefs, whatever you
have your subordinates call you, of nations signatory
to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, & of
gangs, juntas, & multinational corporations
(yes, definitely not “Dear Leaders, Presidents, etc.” –
the only way you guys & gals are dear is that you cost
so many of us so much of our lives &/or livelihoods,
while you feed enough of us even to obesity
& glut our minds with hi-tech entertainment
so we ignore whatever else you’re doing & not doing,
giving enough of us a good enough life to keep us willing
to elect you or whoever’s running against you, knowing
it doesn’t make much difference, you all serve the same
system. It’s not enough to make me want to call you “Dear”.
Yes, a lot of us owe you a lot, but since it’s at the expense
of the things you do that keep the war profiteers happy
& the resources profiteers happy & the things you don’t do
to prevent the oppression, the dispossession, the murder
or massacre or genocide of so many of us in many places,
the violation of human rights, today, & in the past, too,
& the pollution & the continuing warming of our planet;
for you there are always people, peoples, generations,
that are disposable, dispensable, all with a present
& a future that’s disposable, dispensable.
I see I’ve already said much of what I wanted to say to you,
so what remains to be said can come from two quotes:
“I want you to know we can see through your masks.”
“You talk the [Never Again] talk, but you don’t walk the walk.”)
But it’s never just the leaders, it’s us, all of us,
living our lives without any active concern
for oppressed people & peoples everywhere
& for future generations on our overheating planet.
We need to wake up to the creeping, ongoing holocaust
that is continuing today in so many places
& ultimately threatening to destroy all life on our planet.
We all need to give some of our time to activism.
Only mass activism, only mass solidarity,
mass solidarity with the oppressed everywhere,
& mass activism for our planet’s ecology,
can change the present’s truth of All the Bloody Time
to a real future truth of Never Again!


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