#agrowingoldpoem Session 2

#agrowingoldpoem Session 2 – 1505251515_1647

skywave surfing


A growin gold
poem? There’s sure something gold-
en in growing old.

Pains, itches, the growing
list of things you can’t do
again &/or ever,

the wrinkles, bruises,
sores, bloatings, thinnings, & other

the parts of you that
don’t function as they used to –
they’re all part of it,

of your new freedom
from responsibilities
of the midst of things,

& you’re no longer
seeking or exploring rings
of heaven or hell,

free, many waking
moments, to be doing
what you want to do.

Well, I think that’s one
way of putting it, in an
eight haikus cycle.

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