POEMS / in English / from GAZA 1-4

Yesterday I started this Facebook page:

poemsgaza banner

In the “About” section I wrote: “Poems that moved me, but needed some editing, now published with the poet’s approval. I now also invite other poets in English in Gaza to submit poems here.”

& yesterday, too, I posted two poems, prefacing the first with this note: “I sometimes find poems in English from Gaza that I am moved by, yet feel they could do with some editing. So I do an edit, message the poet, & we may discuss it. This is what happened with this poem by the young Gazan poet Ahmed Miqdad, which I found shared by Abedalrahman Eldarawi, another young Gazan poet I became acquainted with & befriended through Tony Murphy’s fine Voice of Gaza project (see http://www.gofundme.com/vbp65dg).

Reading the poem also led me to google Shireen Essawi, & I recommend the following links:

miqdad shireen

The second poem was by Abedalrahman Eldarawi:

abed skies

& today I added two more by the same two young poets:

abed face2face

muqdad sea


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