Yes, this too can be a poem…

Yes, this too can be a poem…
(this story continues after the 20 lines below)

 shibashi poem

… i thought while doing it just before
in a spot of midwinter sunwarmth
on small stones on earth where cattle
once waited to be milked in the bales
where rainforest once rose.

Shibashi, the 18-moves tai chi qi gong sequence
i’ve been doing more days than not
for near on three years now
with birds singing & random treetops rising
to changing clouds or cloudless blue

& though lately i’m almost totally breathless
(it wasn’t so until my congestive heart failure
last october) when i get to “Lowering the chi”,
still the birds sing & the treetops rise etc.

so i also thought it’s about time i shared this
with my friends. i learned it from this video:


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