Shifts of focus (lines & embeddings)

I composed most of this post yesterday /
& have added a few lines (in this font) /
this new, or next (tomorrow’s yesterday) today /

Today Nitza posted on Facebook a portrait of her and me. /

In three hours it has received 138 likes
(including one from me), & around 50 comments,
most of them of course in Israeli Hebrew
& Nitza’s enjoying it. She reads me one
in English:
Permeated with history
of experience

a perceptive & poetic summation
of its affective energy & content
which I join in appreciating,
looking up
from the article by Gideon Levy,
the uncompromising Hebrew voice
of humanity in Palestine,

about Mohammad Kosba
I’ve been thinking of sharing:

[to read the article, click on its title]

& putting aside my thoughts & feelings
about this tragedy & all the tragedies
that keep on happening in that tragic nexus
of israel & palestine
& look again at the amazing portraits she created
& see glimpses of our past & present selves there
thru the corrosions of time

(how different, I think this next today,
this portraiture is to that in the layout
of Sami Kosba’s memorial poster for his three sons)

& when i return to my computer
I feel a need to comment on a post I shared yesterday
where we lived for decades & saw the erasure happening:

[to read the article, click on its title,
to read the comment, click on “1 comment’]

& earlier today I wrote these lines:
In all of Palestine (total population approaching 13 million)
which is totally controlled by the State of Israel
only the eight million Israeli citizens have civil rights
(& among them, too, some have less rights than others)
while more than 4.5 million Arab Palestinians don’t.
How will this injustice be righted?
Who will demand equal human rights
for every Palestinian, Arab or Hebrew,
male or female, Muslim or Jewish or Christian
or secular, in a democratic Palestine?
Is this really so far-fetched?

& then i think about the portrait/s again
& about how different we look today,
four years on, & about how different,
& how apart from, & how together
with one another we are, a good team,
two Hebrew Palestinian Australians
(I would like to say, because that’s how I see us,
& all the other “Israeli” Australians I know,
although I know almost all of them don’t —
but I can’t say it for Nitza, she insists
she’s Israeli, not Palestinian,
even though she was born there before Israel was,
& even though I say to her, Israel is in Palestine),
living our ongoing “old age” in Hebrew & English here
in the peace & beatitude of this lush green
hill country
in northeastern New South Wales, our hearts still attached
& our minds daily straying from what is near & around us
to that wartorn land we still love,
with one focus or another.

& here’s the screenshot crop of Nitza’s post
that I started this post with
three hours after she posted it:



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