So, how crazy can I get?


So what was this obsession with the illusion that I could actually get this message across & with meaningful effects to my Israeli Jewish (as they would describe themselves) friends in particular & in some sense still compatriots – apart from its structural resemblance to other obsessions with other illusions that I’ve had, or that have had me, some perhaps even crazier than this one, but that’s a subject for later maybe – how could I think that it might be able to break through the apparently impregnable shields of their Israeli Jewish national identity narrative to actually see & feel that they are in fact inhabitants of Palestine who are continuing to dispossess, occupy, trample on & deny the human and civil rights of their fellow-countrymen who happen not to be Israeli Jews & that it’s long past time to establish a real democracy in that country. That – how could I think this? – more than why can’t they feel & see that? is what I need to look at.

One thought on “So, how crazy can I get?

  1. Hi Richard,

    Another courageous communication from you. I read Said’s “Zionism from the Point of View of its Victims’ after you recommended it recently. I’d meant to read it in the past, but didn’t get round to it till you jogged my memory. It is very good indeed.

    Best, Martin


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