So, how crazy can I get (2)

sohow2So, just because I see how crazy & how obsessed I can get doesn’t mean I suddenly get less crazy & obsessed, it seems. So even tho I said what I need to look at is how could I think this? – more than why can’t they feel & see that?, when I get responses to my post that relate to the latter question I find I want to respond to them. & maybe doing it will somehow also cast some light on the former question, which is merely about me, not them….

So: RG writes, succinctly: “Rhetoric that sounds like Neturei Karta and invokes the Nazis is unlikely to break through any barriers…” He’s right, of course. Tho I wasn’t aware it sounded like Neturei Karta. I’m aware of their work, saw a good pic of them demonstrating just the other day, almost shared it, I really admire this aspect of their activity, & they might well be right in their interpretation of Jewish halachic law as not permitting the existence of a “Jewish state” until the coming of the Messiah (it’s certainly an admirable law!), but I didn’t think my rhetoric sounded like theirs. Was it in my referring to Arab Palestinians as “your fellow countrymen & women”? Or my invocation of a free “Palestine (EY)” [“(EY)” are the initials of Eretz Yisrael (the “Land of Israel”, or Israeland as I call it, which Palestine always was & will be, for better or for worse), and the Hebrew name “Palestina (EY)” was accepted by the “Jewish” inhabitants of the Yishuv  as name of the country’s all the time it was under the British Mandate? So why should this be associated with only, or particularly Neturei Karta?

As for the “Nazionist state” – I just couldn’t resist that one when it came to me. & it came to me in response to my feelings about the shootings of Arab Palestinians by Israeli soldiers, & I think it needed putting out there, because that’s what I think this state is, & the reference is not only to Nazism but also Nazionism, the rule of the Nazion, the nation of Zion, over the entire population of Palestine. But RG’s absolutely right, such rhetoric will break through no barriers.

Is there a rhetoric that will, that can? I heard another response to my activity on this subject on Facebook, before they’d seen this particular meme or RG’s comment: that nothing can break through the Jewish Israelis’ national identity narrative as long as they are in fear, & the more they fear the stronger they ensconce themselves in that narrative, & their leadership is fanning & manipulating their fear…

& then there’s a whole string of comments by BA, which I appreciate more than you might imagine, & they do in a way also touch on the question I said I need to look at, but that’s for another time…

(RG & BA: if you happen to read this post. please let me know if I you allow me to use your full names here on my blogsite when I quote your comments…)

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