Another Protest for “Social Justice”? For Whom? (מקור עברי בהמשך)

In yesterday’s newsfeed I found a post by “The Silver Platter The Protest Sets Out”. With this picture. The black-on-yellow banner on it says “UNTIL WE WIN!” (The black-on-green strips above & below the pic are my additions).

עד שמי ינצח

Then comes the following text (my translation):

‘Israel is the most expensive state in the world in relation to average wage/salary. In Israel a 3-room apartment costs between a million & a million & a half NIS; in Europe an apartment in a major city costs between 300 & 500 thousand NIS. Israel leads all Western countries in the degree of corruption and connection between government and capital. The Israeli government has legislated laws that will not give a chance to competing companies, in favor of the monopolies & the high prices. The banks tempt us to take loans with crazy interest rates – interest higher than what is legally permitted to the black market!
‘This protest is of all of us. The problems of the State of Israel are common to all of us and influence all of us – rightists & leftists, religious & secular, Mizrahis & Maaravis [Ashkenazis] equally!! Equal rights will lead to less friction among us & to better quality of life for all! We all deserve more! Like the Page! Share the Page! Forward! The greatest protest in the history of Israel is starting soon!
‘Social organizations and large communities of all kinds, right or left, please contact us so we can organize a united protest together for the entire people!’

I commented (again, my translation, which now includes, in brackets & italics, words I feel I need to add before posting this post):

As I see it, everything you’ve written about the State of Israel is true, and you certainly have what to protest about.
& I even found, almost buried in the second paragraph, the sentence “Equal rights will lead to less friction among us & to better quality of life for all!” & I wondered if achieving equal rights was indeed this protest movement’s aim, & if so why isn’t that what appears on the banner instead of “UNTIL WE WIN” – & if the “all” also includes the almost 5 million native inhabitants of the country who today live without civil rights or human rights, under oppression & occupation by your state’s military forces, & there’s not a mention of any of this in your manifesto…
Actually, when I saw the picture I asked myself: Who is this ‘we’ of “UNTIL WE WIN”? I looked closer, & found one slogan “We’re fighting for our home”. For “the Jewish Home”? Is this a nationalist demonstration in advance of the [civil] war between citizens & non-citizens that’s about to start any minute? Only when I started reading I understood that the protest was about the cost of living & the corruption etc. Like that time in Rothschild Boulevard for “social justice” which also didn’t call for justice for those oppressed non-citizens.
So that’s how it’ll continue? Why don’t you relate in your manifesto to why the situation is the way it is? Why, for example (to take your opening sentence), “Israel is the most expensive state in the world in relation to average wage/salary.” Why? Because most of the budgets go to “security” & the continuing of the occupation & the expansion of settlements on lands stolen from their non-citizen inhabitants…
As long as in your protest you don’t relate to the injustices caused to these inhabitants in your name, do you deserve to win? Or will you be brave, & embrace the non-citizens [who are really your fellow countrymen & women, boys & girls],  too in your protest, and you’ll all win, together…

(I later found thru Google Search that the picture was from a demonstration in Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv on August 6, 2011 – one of those many mass demonstrations throughout Israel for social justice & lower living costs [for Israeli citizens only, that’s the sorry fact], some three weeks after Dafni Leef pitched her tent in Rothschild Boulevard.)

& here’s my Hebrew translation of my title & intro, & the original Hebrew  text & the comment I posted:
עוד מחאהמגש הכסףבעיני

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