“Dear Dugi… There is no hate in me for Israel & its people….

dear dugi

The lines in black in today’s light green-backgrounded meme are the first two pars of my response to a comment to the meme (the white-backgrounded insert) that I posted on Facebook on 151107. Here is my full response:

Dear Dugi, I’m sorry if you think I hate or want to incite hatred. You’re wrong about that. You completely misread my motives. Try to understand: I’m not arguing about history, or who was or did or didn’t do whatever whenever. I’m spelling out the situation of almost five million of your countrymen – of girls, boys, women & men, young & old who live in the same country as you do, a country that is also their homeland & their only land – for now almost fifty years.

The same country you live in. Jews call it Eretz Yisrael, Israeland, but it’s also Palestine, & has been (this latest time) since the British Mandate began.

The dispossessed, disenfranchised almost five million of your countrymen still living in this country (I’m not talking about the millions of exiles & their descendants living, if that’s the right word, in refugee camps & other places outside the country & not allowed to return) and their ancestors have been living under foreign rule almost for ever: Ottoman, British, Jordanian, Egyptian – and, since 1967, “Israeli”…

Until the Zionist immigrations to this country (which by the natives were seen as invasions), there existed no such entity as an Arab Palestinian nation. The Arab Palestinian nation is a child of Zionism. This child is a twin brother or sister of another nation that never existed before this: the Jewish-Israeli nation (I think a more descriptive name would be the Hebrew Palestinian nation).

We need to use the word nation properly, because Israeli Hebrews don’t. See your ID cards. Nation: Jewish / Arab. But there are no such nations in the world. The Jews in the world are not a nation. They have different nationalities, one of which is Israeli. Same with the Arabs in the world.

So the real situation is that there are two nations living in the one country, and that one of these nations rules the other nation, under the conditions I briefly summarized in my meme. I could direct you to numerous sources, if you’re interested, to make these conditions more vivid to you, but I imagine you don’t want to know, or will view each report as a lie.

You said I was spreading lies. I believe there is not one lie in my meme, & I challenge you to find one.

There is no hate in me for Israel & its people, no desire in me for hate to increase. I wish for Israel & its people to live in peace, & for the Arab Palestinian people to live in peace. I wish them both to have equal rights in their one homeland. I think all people in every country should have human rights, & equal civil rights (& I think the major difference between the situations in Australia & Israel is that here in Oz the indigenes are by now too few & too debilitated to pose a threat).

That is why I’m calling for an acknowledgment of the situation as it actually is now, because I believe that without such acknowledgment Jewish Israelis will never arrive at a peace with Arab Palestinians; Arab Palestinians will not peacefully attain their civil rights & national self-determination; & the “Jewish state” can never be redeemed from the injustices it is committing. I’m calling for what I think is best for Jewish Israeli Hebrew Palestinians as well as for Arab Palestinians.

Dugi, I know you’re a good & a humane person. I don’t understand how you can defend a regime that maintains itself like this on the back of all these subjugated people. I don’t understand how you can ACCEPT it? Why wouldn’t you be acting for rather than against such acknowledgment & for the action for peace that can be meaningful only if the injustices are acknowledged?

My hope & dream is a democratic binational state. See my page Imagining a Binational State of Palestine – Israeland.


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