“Justice and Independence for Both Peoples Who Live Here”: March in Tel Aviv 151219

Sharing, translating, & commenting on this status from today:


“We are thousands of demonstrators now in Tel Aviv, at the end of a march from Metzudat Zeev – the headquarters of the party in power, whose leaders incite against human rights activists – to Rabin Square. Standing together and proving by action: all the incitements of the right will not silence us. All the hate of the leaders of the right will not stop the voices demanding justice and independence for both peoples who live here. We will continue standing together, Jews and Arabs, and we will struggle for a better future, despite you and your wrath.”


First, I want to thank Zvi for sharing this status.

Next, I want to express my support for & my solidarity with the brave demonstrators. I salute you. You see & hear & feel what the majority of Jewish Israelis refuse to see & hear & feel & don’t want others to see & hear & feel, and you go out into the streets to voice your call for justice in the face of threats & of possible injury to yourselves, Israeli Jews and Arabs together.

Thirdly, I think your cause might be helped by a little more clarity in your terminology. The Jews among you are not a “people”, & you also do not represent “the Jewish people”. Israeli Jews are a “nation”, with a national language & culture  – a Hebrew nation (distinct from Jews of other nations), born & alive & flourishing in Eretz-Yisrael, which also happens to be Palestine, which the Jewish Israeli state now rules almost entirely. I think you might be clearer if you called for justice & independence for both nations living in the country that both Hebrew and Arab Palestinians share & love.

& lastly I want to wish you strength and courage !חזק ואמץ



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