A Meditation on Racism

Meditation racism meme

Suspend judgment of the word “racist”
Read it as meaning “defining by race”
as anthropographers do
as the Nazis did, scientifically –
while unscientifically & immorally
branding one race superior and another inferior
& which they were not the first to do
since white Europeans began invading
continents west & east & south
& exploiting & colonizing & dispossessing
& massacring indigenes whose ingenuities
& cultures they couldn’t fathom or imagine

Think “racism” as meaning
not that one race is superior to another
but that one race is different to another
& that everyone’s racial identity should be respected

Judaism is a religion that sees Jews as a race.
By its laws if you’re born of a Jewish mother you’re a born Jew,
even if your mother was secular, not a Judaist.
& you too, even if secular, not Judaist, you’re a Jew.
& that racist definition is justified by religious texts.

Zionism adopts Judaism’s definition
& marries it to the white European branding
of one race as superior & the other inferior
(& everywhere is war).


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