I posted the image of Page 1 from…1-1975-pages-1-7/ on Facebook a few days ago, & it got a few Likes, so now I’m posting Page 2.
With a bit of background:
1975. April? We were living in Ramat Gan, on the second floor of a three-story apartment house opposite “Napoleon Hill” (our built-in veranda looked out onto the hill). I was almost 39, Nitza 32½, Jonathan almost 8, Ohav 5½, Zohar 4.
It was about four years after we’d left Rosh Pina, where (not without occasional manic &/or messianic episodes) I’d tried to live & build & be part of & lead a small hash-(&-occasionally acid)-powered aquarian-age community for several years, & had turned off, tuned out, & dropped back in & after almost five years of being the opposite, taken an editing job at Tel Aviv University, returned to studies & started working on a Ph.D. on “Poetic Truth”; a year and a half since the Yom Kippur War, when I wasn’t drafted to a reserves unit (because I had avoided service during my turned-on years), so I volunteered to work as a translator in the Government Press Office, sent a letter to Defense Minister Moshe Dayan saying I wanted to serve, & finally, well after all the fighting was over, got sent to Sinai for a couple of months, most of which I spent working in the Shekem, the canteen (& brought home candy bars for the kids on my occasional leaves)…
Stories. & how that war came on us as a shock…. & lots of other things… To be continued?



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