“Freedom soon will come” – Leonard Cohen’s “The Partisan”, &c…

A friend posted this clip on Facebook today, an especially beautiful rendition by Leonard Cohen of his song The Partisanclick the link to watch & hear & experience (as I did) not only the bi-lingual (English & French) singing, but also the brilliant orchestral & choral arrangement, especially the mandolin…

I then looked for the lyrics, & found a page which gave me some really good background as well: http://genius.com/Leonard-cohen-the-partisan-lyrics

I also wanted to know the name of the mandolin player in this arrangement. I made several searches, but couldn’t find any listing of the musicians who played on the World Tour 2008. But I did find another quite amazing publication from Poland: http://www.leonardcohenfiles.com/krakowbooklet.pdf, & it’s from this publication that I’ve put together this meme (i like this free painting of the white & red Polish flag, & how the title (a quote from The Partisan) & the text sits on it):

Each of the times I’ve played this clip of The Partisan, youtube goes on to another of Cohen’s songs. & this time it played something that I hadn’t heard before, that surprised & moved me, & that I also want to share, perhaps as a fitting conclusion to this post: Leonard Cohen reciting the lyrics of Paul Simon’s Sound(s) of Silence (1964).



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