Independence ? עצמאות

independence meme

Made this meme today, the “day after”. I wrote it in Hebrew, & translated it into English.

A few days before, I posted the meme below on Facebook only (thinking this blog probably has few readers of either Hebrew or Arabic [by the way, if there are, how about letting me know?]). It has two words in it. On top, the Hebrew word עצמאות, Atzmaut, Independence; and below it the Arabic word/s النكبة, al-Nakba, the Nakba. In the Hebrew word the fourth letter, א, alef, is skewed downwards (almost completely upside down) as if it’s falling out of the word. Which would make the word עצמות, atzamot, bones. & as Ran Greenstein noted in a comment to the post, “if you take it [the alef] out, you get Yom Ha’atzamot (Day of the Bones), which is what some ultra-orthodox Jews in Jerusalem used to call Independence Day”. & alef is not only the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the letter that precedes the first letter of the first sentence of the first book of the Hebrew Bible, & not only represents what comes first (even before In the Beginning), but also, on its white background,  it is reminiscent of the voting slip of the Ashkenazi-Zionist Mapai hegemony that instituted this so-called Independence which since its inception is dependent on the ongoing Nakba.

atzmaut nakba


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