Blessings & Correcting/Repairing an Error / Chapter 2: To the Majority, the Minority, & the Majority of the Minority

Posting again in Hebrew, to my primary audience, with an English translation below.


ברכות ותיקון טעות2

This is how I see it, from the other side of the world:

Most of you are mute, ignoring all the violence & injustices of the ongoing occupation and the Nakba, the disaster, of the Arab Palestinians, living as-it-were normally in the “Jewish” state. Occasionally there’s an attack, mourning, bereavement for the bereaved, & for all the rest a return to your agendas in the “Jewish” state.

A minority of you are alert, not silent, courageously active against the injustices of the “Jewish” state in Eretz Yisrael, Israeland, which is undoubtedly also Falastin, Palestine. Not silent, active, expressing your frustration about the muteness, the ignoring, the lack of compassion, of understanding, of humaneness of the majority – & return to your agendas in the “Jewish” state. At least you haven’t been silent.

But it seems to me that the majority of this minority that opposes the occupation & its injustices also doesn’t see the root of the problem (or some see but ignore it): the “Jewish” state itself, in which, besides (although also due to?) all its injustices there’s so much that you love (& that I too love like you), where most of you grew up &/or raised families, where you’ve worked & created & are still working & creating – this state is not (& never was) really “the nation state of the Jewish people” & is not (& never was) democratic (& also never will be such or such).

No, the “State of Israel” is the state of Statist Zionism, the dominant stream in Zionism, a state that this stream (which is also the inevitable engenderer of Israeli-Jewish fascism) has maintained by force since it established it unilaterally & through extensive conquest/occupation in ’48, in Palestine (OK, it’s also Eretz Yisrael, Israeland, always was, always will be, but, dammit, it’s also the country of its inhabitants who were born there & who tilled its land & lived there with love & raised families there & worked & created there).

The state of Statist Zionism is a state (in Palestine) that is the homeland of Jews (only of Israeli Jews, who were born there), which maintains Israeli-Jewish sovereignty by force over the remainder of its non-Jewish inhabitants in their homeland and does not permit the return of the refugees & the expelled &/or their descendants to their homeland.

Isn’t it so? Please correct me if I’ve erred again. I hope to add conclusions and details in following chapters.


2 thoughts on “Blessings & Correcting/Repairing an Error / Chapter 2: To the Majority, the Minority, & the Majority of the Minority

  1. Amen Brother, Amen ! It reminds me of this article about the general Jewish zionists moral disengagement regarding Palestinian sufferings. It’s written by Australian anti-zionist author, Dr Vacy Vlazna, Beware that her style is hyperbolic, and some would say vitriolic, but I think her conclusion for the zionist Diaspora seem to be close to that your draw for the Jewish Israelis & the evil of “Statist zionism” ( which I’d call Revisionist zionism. OR modern poilitical zionism since the IDF is so central to any modern zionist) …

    Her article ends with:
    So how can we resist the banality of evil to protect the rights of Palestinians and further peace in Palestine for all?

    Zionist values and the hasbara machine dread empathy. Empathy engages with suffering and survivors of Nazi atrocities and their descendants have the privileged capacity to realize there is no difference between suffering under the Nazi or the Zionist jackboot – both of which made and make strides because the machinations of moral disengagement duped the German people back then, just as the Jewish people are duped today along with British, Canadian, American, European, Australian citizens whose governments grant impunity to the Zionist scourge in Palestine.”


    Shalom my friend.


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