Lysistratan Women’s Power in Palestine?כוח נשי ליסיסטרטי בפלסטין (א”י)

Hebrew follows / עברית בהמשך
These women are wonderful. They march & demonstrate for Peace, & for Hope.
& Chaim Pessah is right in introducing his Facebook sharing of the post & video below with this comment & quote (my translation of his Hebrew & Yaakov Shabtai’s Hebrew translation of Aristophanes’ Greek):

Women’s power: Thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women are marching for a peace agreement.

 “All of Greece depends on us, the women, saving it.”

Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, a play in which the women forced the men to stop the war between Athens and Sparta.

The text under the video says:

‘At this moment we’re gathering opposite the Prime Minister’s Residence preparing for the beginning of the rally. Thousands, thousands of women and men have arrived and are continuing to arrive. Come along too. Starting very soon.’

Here are some pics & links gleaned from posts on Facebook:


On the march:womenpower-march

At the concluding rally:womenpower-haaretz
“Women Wage Peace” demonstration opposite PM’s residence, this evening. Haaretz / הארץ, 2016/10/19


I admire these women. I admire their determination & their readiness to actively demonstrate it.
& I’m a great believer in women’s power.
& I’m sure they could be the ones who could bring about the necessary change.But what kind of “peace settlement” can they possibly demand? from whom? between whom?They want to bring about peace, & they could.But only if they get their message right, if they make their demand clear. Until then, such marches & demonstrations will certainly continue to show that there are thousands of Israeli women & perhaps thousands of Israeli men who oppose what the millions who elected Israel’s present & previous governments continue to support & defend. They may even also rally more thousands to join them, but they will not, cannot, achieve the true acceptance of the one side by the other that is a prerequisite for any peace between an oppressed nation & the nation oppressing it.

Only when they can say, together: We all, women & men, live in Palestine, whose name in Hebrew is also Eretz-Yisrael [Israeland]. Palestine is where most of us were born, & for most of us it is our only homeland. We are all Palestinians, Arabic-speaking & Hebrew-speaking. The Zionist occupation of Palestine must end. The militarily-maintained privileged status of Israeli Jews in Palestine must end. We demand a Free Palestine, with equal rights for all citizens & equal status for both Arabic & Hebrew cultures & languages.

All of Palestine (including the part still calling itself Israel)
perhaps depends on the women saving it.




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