#EndGame: #NixZionism #FreePalestine (& #FreeIsraelisFromBeingOccupiers)


Felt a need today to meme & highlight these excerpts from Jeff Halper’s post, which I shared in its entirety on Facebook yesterday:

& here, for perhaps easier reading, is the text in the meme:

#EndGame: #NixZionism #FreePalestine (& #FreeIsraelisFromBeingOccupiers)

Jeff Halper: “[…] events in Israel/Palestine are proceeding at a fast and momentous pace — and we, the Left and progressive Palestinians and Israel, for all our protests and BDS involvement, are completely unprepared, self-marginalized and irrelevant. Putting it bluntly: you cannot be in a political struggle and not have an end-game […] EVERYONE on the Palestinian and Israeli left knows the two-state solution is gone and the imprisonment of the Palestinians is on the way — but we remain silent […] What do we want? What are we BDS-ing about?[…]
If we progressive Palestinians and Israelis do not begin to strategize immediately, to work together to formulate and articulate what we think is a just solution (my well-known view is that means a single bi-national, democratic state, but we haven’t even begun the process of talking about it), we are dooming ourselves to irrelevancy and the Palestinians to warehousing. We are the ONLY force that will formulate a truly just and workable solution based on human rights, national rights and international law — concepts completely foreign to governments. We are the ONLY force that can give political direction to the Palestinians’ sole powerful ally, the millions of people supporting and thousands of organizations working for Palestinian national rights and a just resolution […]. People are saying to me: we’ve heard you and other Palestinian advocates for the past 20 years or so. We are with you, we support the Palestinian cause. We are mobilizable far beyond BDS. But what do you want? Where are you going? Give us our marching orders. And we are not doing it.
It has been the historic tragedy of the Left that we see clearly where events are leading, we have critical analyses and are very articulate — but do not know how to organize or how to mount genuinely effective political campaigns and movements. If we don’t get our act together fast on Israel/Palestine — by which i mean Palestinians and Israelis having their own internal discussions over what a just peace would look like, then coming together to advocate for it and to mobilize our legions abroad — then we will simply lose. Not because we couldn’t come up with the outlines of a just solution, not because we lacked the political power, but because we just didn’t do it. We abandoned the field to governments and to the right-wing, which IS serious about promoting its visions and programs.”


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