#NixZionism #FreePalestine Memes from 2015–2016


I think it’s time for reflection. & recollection. Yes, & in tranquility. I’ve published some 60 memes on & for this in almost two years.
Very few likes, almost no shares. My Israeli friends either don’t like them (some think it’s hateful Israel-bashing, which it isn’t) or if they agree, may not want to risk liking or sharing.& it may well be ridiculous, the idea that a meme could make a difference, could perhaps go viral & actually work as a wake-up call that will muster support for the struggle to abolish Zionist rule in Palestine & establish a free bilingual state with equal rights for all citizens, & the right of return for all expulsees & refugees born in Palestine since 1917, & for their descendants…

First step, I’ve collected the memes here, for what that’s worth. I find there’s not a little repetition. Perhaps more clarity in the more recent ones. I do think #NixZionism pretty much nails it…

& during this time I’ve also created two Facebook pages, https://www.facebook.com/Imagining-a-Binational-State-of-Palestine-Israeland-1428279400824975/, & https://www.facebook.com/EndOcc/(“End the Occupation of Palestine”), which have also not had much traffic…

Collecting these here, & perhaps next my translations from these two years of writings in Hebrew on these matters, will at least help for the reflecting ahead…

Click on any of the images below to enlarge it; you can then use the arrows on either side to see the other memes enlarged.


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