ARCHIVELINGS: 19830109 [20161110]: Writings: Changes


Writings: Changes

Writing is a faculty, like thinking or
remembering. To attempt to suppress any
faculty is to try to check the flow. (The flow
can never be checked, true – but the attempt to
suppress any faculty creates tension and
resistance and thus makes the flow less

Words are insufficient, true. Not only for
communication – even for clarification. Thus
writing, like verbal thinking, is limited in
its scope. You cannot think your way
out of a hang-up: finally you must just
submit, and the submission which comes with
non-verbal realization brings about the
transformation, creating a new harmony.

For there is in the head a pre-thinking
consciousness – when thinking a thought
out in words, at the speed of speaking, you
suddenly realize you are not thinking a
new thought, but translating into words

a thought which was flashed into conscious-
ness completely and instantaneously a few
“seconds” before the return into the timeflow
of consecutive word-making. All this happens
in the head: you can even stop the {worded} thought
half-way, knowing that you know the
whole thought though you have not yet
verbalized it.

So why verbalize at all? Because that is
Another faculty – why suppress it?

The faculties, and the centres in the head –
the image-maker


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