#StopIsrael! … : My take on/from an intro to a sharing of “WHO: Israel obstructs health access for Palestinian patients, medical workers”


Avigail Abarbanel yesterday shared Middle East Monitor’s post: https://www.facebook.com/avigail.abarbanel/posts/10154635271577367
and wrote these incisive words which I felt I had to not only share but emphasize.

From the MEMO article:

‘[…] Dr Gerald Rockenschaub, head of the WHO’s office in the West Bank and Gaza “[…] the data indicate substantial restrictions for thousands of patients and their companions who are trying to travel to their places of referral”.

The WHO report also includes information “on the impact of attacks on health facilities, patients and health personnel, and the health access situation in ‘Area C’ in the West Bank, where Israel retains full security and civil authority.”

Meanwhile, “denials and delays in responding to health permit applications noticeably increased for Gaza patients who have faced tightened security procedures since 2012 and particularly over the past two years […]’

There are figures. As someone who not infrequently requires (& fortunately so far obtains) access to health services. I am aghast at what so many Palestinians have to endure…


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