About me & this blogsite

updated 140708

I’ve started building this blogsite anew. About a month or so ago, after feeling not only dissatisfied with the page & the post I’d published here a few days earlier, but also that I want to change what  I do here & how I do it, I changed the visibility of all my previous posts and pages from “Public” to “Private”, &, so that all anyone who’d received a notice about that post  & tried to read it would find a changed title: “My …… // This blog is temporarily suspended… dormant, at rest…”, & one sentence: “I’m taking time to rethink what I want to do here…”  In the meantime (during which I also found myself quite active on Facebook, posting and sharing & commenting & liking & translating into English posts of Hebrew verse or prose I liked, mostly around the issue of Israel in Palestine & the shit that’s going down now [I also hope to find time & ways to get some of that into this blogsite])  I prepared the page I felt I wanted to begin the rebuilding with: A Wonderful Woman: My Grandmother, Whose Wonderful Love I Knew in My First 3¼ Years, because I feel that the love that she gave me is the earliest & perhaps the richest primal source I knew of so much goodness in my life.  I’ve published some writing about her before on this blogsite, but this is mostly new writing. I’ve made it the first page (after the introductory page) in the restructured set-of-pages My Memoirings. Of all the posts & pages I recently marked “Private”, I’ve made “Public” again  this slightly renamed About me &c page & the set-of-pages My Mother’s Memoirs, & hope to gradually restore others in newly structured sets-of-pages. I do know that I want to revise, & rewrite some of my previously published memoirings. I’m also launching a new set-of-pages: My Writings.

updated 140528

When I started this blog I was 76+, & I named it dikflantz76+…. In April 2013 I was hospitalized for a surgical procedure, then had some more health problems, and stopped blogging for some time. I returned to it this year, already 77, & renamed it dikflantz77+…. In another six days it’ll be my 78th birthday, & I’ve changed my ‘theme’ format, & have a new & clearer main topic for now, but I’ve decided to restore the blog’s original name instead of changing it again – after all I haven’t stopped being 76+ just because I’m (almost) 78+. Some of the info in what follows needs updating, & I’ll also probably want to add some more to this page, but all that will have to wait till later posts…

updated 130111

I’m 76+ now, living a quite reclusive & what I sometimes think is an almost idyllic existence, with my partner/wife Nitza (69; we married in Tel Aviv 49 years ago, & raised our sons  in Israel & lived there for nearly four decades until we moved here in 2001) in our compact little dwelling (a converted bales) on a beautiful rural property near Mullumbimby in the “Byron Bay Hinterland” of northern New South Wales. We don’t go out much, visit & are visited rarely, by a few friends, & at least once weekly by our eldest and youngest sons & their families, who live near us: the eldest, Jonathan (45+) & his wife Ora (43+), their son Emmanuel (13+) & daughter Amalia (11+), in their larger house, only a couple of hundred meters away but barely visible & rarely audible through the trees; the youngest, Zohar (41+) & his wife Tali (33+) & their son Omri (4½)  & daughter Shamaya (3 months) 25 minutes drive away in Ocean Shores; our middle son, Ohav (43+), is single and lives in Tel Aviv, in what used to be our apartment. We’re bilingual, we converse with one another & our sons & daughters-in-law in both Israeli-Hebrew and English. We both feel lucky that we & our sons & daughters-in-law & our grandchildren are now living in this lucky country, that Ohav can come whenever he wants to, & live here if he wants to.

We’ve both done many things in the past… but since around the beginning of this new year we’re both mainly working on putting out a blog, each of us on what interests us deeply. Very different blogs, hers in Israeli-Hebrew, mine in English. I think it’ll be a while before hers is online. update, 140528: Since then she has published many beautiful & insightful posts & pages of her “Art/Life” project in both Hebrew & English on Facebook, and several chapters of it on issuu.

In my blog I expect to post many things, about me or about things I think or have thought about, but I’m also committing to maintain a continuity & to blog regularly about one main topic. The first main topic I’ve committed to blog about regularly is to do with how I relate today to what I’m calling my Jewhood & everything to do with Jewishness, Judaism, Jewry, Diaspora, Zionism, Israel/Palestine, Jewish mythology, history and historiography, Jewish languages and cultures, Israeli-Hebrew language and culture,  etc., etc. — about what these have meant in my own life through its many phases from my birth to the present, and also my thoughts about these subjects in general & about contemporary issues connected with them that concern me. I will call this topic My Jewhood &… 

As in all blogs, each post, when it’s published, appears at the head of the posts, above all the posts that appeared before it, in descending order. But because each new post may all also build in some way on the posts that have come before it, I am also creating a page/scroll titled Ongoing, where you can read the posts in the order they were published, from first to latest. update, 140508: I stopped copying posts to this page after my 12th post, from 130505; don’t know if I’ll want to start doing it again.

In addition to what I feel it will do for me to get these things out of my head & into cyberspace (and just preparing it has already brought a tone of heightened creative involvement into my days), my main hopes for the blog are: That one day each of my four grandchildren may dip into it & perhaps find something of interest & value; 2. that my most immediate family, and friends I love from far away even though I don’t communicate with them, may read & see these sides of me; that other readers, both Jewish & non-Jewish, may find the blog interesting or challenging or useful & may want to comment or contribute or collaborate in one way or another.


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