Purim 75,810 פורים

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I’ve just posted a Hebrew version of this meme on Facebook. Here it is again:
:העליתי כרגע בפייסבוק נוסח עברי של מימ זה. הנה הוא שוב
purim 76810 meme


My favorite verse in the entire Bible: Micah 6.8 מיכה ו ח ميخا

I’ve loved this verse since I first read it in my early teens.
In the meme below I’ve put the original Hebrew, copied, cropped & pasted from a text with the cantillation marks; the Smith & Van Dyke Arabic translation, & a new English translation (authored by me but otherwise unauthorized). .
& here’s my (also unauthorized) translation of the verses that precede it, which appear in Hebrew above the enlarged lines of verse 6.8, & are also quite wonderful & most apposite, especially the last:

How shall I come before YHVH1 ? Shall I bow to god/son high by coming before him with burnt offerings of yearling calves? Will YHVH want thousands of rams or myriads3 of rivers of oil? Shall I give my firstborn son for my crimes, the fruit of my loins for my soul’s sin?


قد اخبرك ايها الانسان ما هو صالح. وماذا يطلبه منك الرب ألا ان تصنع الحق وتحب الرحمة وتسلك متواضعا مع الهك
He’s told you, man, what’s good, & what YHVH demands of you: just to do justly & to love kindness & to walk humbly with your god/s.


1  YHVH [יהוה]: the 4-letter “unpronouncable” “Tetragramatton” that is is read in Hebrew as “Adonai” & is usually translated “the Lord”, & is also a kind of anagram that includes the meanings of “He was”, “He is”, “He will be”].

2  I add the /s to inform or remind readers that in Hebrew the name Elohim, usually thought of as singular & translated as “God”, is a plural noun.

3  1 myriad = 10,000.