“Israel” & “Australia” continuing their/our crimes against humanity

I feel I have to share these 5 articles (including one brave editorial) published during the past week in Haaretz & The Guardian:

Editorial: Israel’s Right to Steal Palestinian Land

Israel is acting like a criminal organization that operates according to its own laws
Haaretz Editorial Nov 17, 2017

Israel Arrests 15 in East Jerusalem for Conducting Polls on Palestinian Authority’s Behalf

Overnight raids part of Israel policy barring Palestinian Authority activities in East Jerusalem

Israel Approves Plan to Send Asylum Seekers to Rwanda or Jail, Close Detention Center


Manus Island: PNG police move into detention centre and tell refugees to leave


Manus humanitarian crisis a ‘damning indictment’ of Australia’s refugee policy: UNHCR


Best mates: I add this fairly recent pic of the happy “leaders” of these two settler-colonialist countries, although the responsibility for these crimes is not theirs alone, but of all those who have voted for them & their ilk for decades…




antizionism isnot meme2

Enough of the bald-faced Big Lie the pro-Zionists are pushing!
If anything’s increasing anti-Semitism in the world it’s the Zionist state’s crimes of commission & omission.

Blessings & Correcting/Repairing an Error / Chapter 2: To the Majority, the Minority, & the Majority of the Minority

Posting again in Hebrew, to my primary audience, with an English translation below.


ברכות ותיקון טעות2

This is how I see it, from the other side of the world:

Most of you are mute, ignoring all the violence & injustices of the ongoing occupation and the Nakba, the disaster, of the Arab Palestinians, living as-it-were normally in the “Jewish” state. Occasionally there’s an attack, mourning, bereavement for the bereaved, & for all the rest a return to your agendas in the “Jewish” state.

A minority of you are alert, not silent, courageously active against the injustices of the “Jewish” state in Eretz Yisrael, Israeland, which is undoubtedly also Falastin, Palestine. Not silent, active, expressing your frustration about the muteness, the ignoring, the lack of compassion, of understanding, of humaneness of the majority – & return to your agendas in the “Jewish” state. At least you haven’t been silent.

But it seems to me that the majority of this minority that opposes the occupation & its injustices also doesn’t see the root of the problem (or some see but ignore it): the “Jewish” state itself, in which, besides (although also due to?) all its injustices there’s so much that you love (& that I too love like you), where most of you grew up &/or raised families, where you’ve worked & created & are still working & creating – this state is not (& never was) really “the nation state of the Jewish people” & is not (& never was) democratic (& also never will be such or such).

No, the “State of Israel” is the state of Statist Zionism, the dominant stream in Zionism, a state that this stream (which is also the inevitable engenderer of Israeli-Jewish fascism) has maintained by force since it established it unilaterally & through extensive conquest/occupation in ’48, in Palestine (OK, it’s also Eretz Yisrael, Israeland, always was, always will be, but, dammit, it’s also the country of its inhabitants who were born there & who tilled its land & lived there with love & raised families there & worked & created there).

The state of Statist Zionism is a state (in Palestine) that is the homeland of Jews (only of Israeli Jews, who were born there), which maintains Israeli-Jewish sovereignty by force over the remainder of its non-Jewish inhabitants in their homeland and does not permit the return of the refugees & the expelled &/or their descendants to their homeland.

Isn’t it so? Please correct me if I’ve erred again. I hope to add conclusions and details in following chapters.

The Palestinian Nakba – &… the Jewish Nakba

Sharing this Facebook post from a couple of days ago, both for the pics of the protest march in Dublin marking the 68th anniversary of the (ongoing!) Palestinian Nakba, & for the dialogue that developed in the comments, until the remarking of the Jewish Nakba…
To see the entire post with the comments, click on the date link that appears immediately beneath my name (Richard Flantz) at the very top of the post, or here.

& here I’ll insert some paragraphs of my remarks in the dialogue, in slightly changed order, with a few additions &/or editings inside square brackets:

The UN partition proposal was one no sane self-respecting Arab Palestinian could possibly accept (to reverse what Brando says in The Godfather: “Give them an offer they can’t accept”). Therefore neither the Arab Palestinians nor the Arab League are in any way responsible for the Nakba.

Mass expulsion and intimidation of Arab Palestinians began before the war of the 15.5.48 invasion (a significant proportion fled before it. Ran Greenstein writes ’Benny Morris in The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, estimates (based on Israeli military sources) that about half of the total numbers of refugees lost their home BEFORE 14/5/1948, in Haifa, Tiberias, and dozens of other towns and villages.’

Arab Palestinians didn’t initiate or direct the invasions or the actions of the invading armies, & cannot be held responsible for war crimes & atrocities committed by them, such as those of the Jordanian army [in Jerusalem]. How can you suggest that because the Jordanians did that, there is something wrong or dishonest ot dishonorable in commemorating the Nakba that is contuiningly being suffered by the Arab Palestinians?

Permanent war is what Zionism means & does & has to do. Netanyahu wasn’t lying when he said Israel will always have to live by the sword. & there’s little point thinking about solutions proposed in the past. Today the only decent, humane, just solution is to give up the Jewish state idea & keep on living a Hebrew life in a binational state of Palestine (Eretz-Yisrael) as equal citizens with its other inhabitants. But before that can happen Israelis will have to acknowledge their crimes, acknowledge the Nakba, express their deep regret & shame for what they have done to the non-Jewish people who lived in Palestine before the Zionist incursion, offer acceptable restitution, confirm the Palestinian Right of Return & give up the right of Diaspora Jews to “return” and immediately become citizens of this state.
I imagine you’ll say that it’s wrong & dangerous to deprive Diaspora Jews of this privilege they’ve had these last 68 years, because, hey, they might need a haven from antisemitism. To that I’ll say that today there’s no more dangerous place in the world for a Jew than in Israel, the country state that has to live by its sword.

Yes, [&] there [also] is a Jewish Nakba. No, not the Shoah. That was horrendous, immeasurably, immensely. But it ended, after six years. Its impacts & effects haven’t ended, but the crimes committed then stopped being committed there. But beside the Shoah of the Jews there is the Jewish Nakba, which began the moment the Palestinian Nakba began: the Nakba, the catastrophe, of the Jewish psyche, the Israeli-Jewish psyche & the Diaspora-Jewish-Zionist psyche: the degenerative mass psychosis that justifies building a homeland on an existing population’s homeland & expelling & banishing multitudes of them for life & holding the remaining population under military occupation &[/or siege &] so much more that is neither Jewish nor humane… [& living with the suppressed guilt, & robbing Israeli boys & girls of their youth & some of them of their lives & turning them into oppressors &/or beneficiaries of oppression & dispossession, destroying the consciences & the capacity for empathy of generation after generation… & more…]

[& I should have added: & yes, its name should be an Arabic name, the Arabic name for what Arab Palestinians have suffered & are still suffering as a consequence of the Jewish Nakba.]

I’ve made a meme of the par about the Jewish Nakba:

jewish nakba meme

A reminder (& another Would you believe?): Who tf (with a mad prompt from Obama) does Mr BB Netanyahu really think he is??

At the end of two wordy but not exactly worth-full White House videoed speeches, first by Obama and then Netanyahu following a meeting between them on 20 May 2011 (you can still see it on youtube, or read the entire transcript), Mr BB turned to Mr Barack & said:

bb obama

Mr. President, you’re the – you’re the leader of a great people, the American people. And I’m the leader of a much smaller people, the –

PRESIDENT OBAMA: A great people.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU: It’s a great people, too. It’s the ancient nation of Israel. And, you know, we’ve been around for almost 4,000 years. We’ve experienced struggle and suffering like no other people. We’ve gone through expulsions and pogroms and massacres and the murder of millions. But I can say that even at the dearth of – even at the nadir of the valley of death, we never lost hope and we never lost our dream of reestablishing a sovereign state in our ancient homeland, the land of Israel.

And now it falls on my shoulders as the Prime Minister of Israel, at a time of extraordinary instability and uncertainty in the Middle East, to work with you to fashion a peace that will ensure Israel’s security and will not jeopardize its survival. I take this responsibility with pride but with great humility, because, as I told you in our conversation, we don’t have a lot of margin for error. And because, Mr. President, history will not give the Jewish people another chance.

So that’s who Mr BB Netanyahu thinks he is: the leader of the Jewish people, no less!
[in Hebrew, long before Zionism, long before the establishment of the State-of-Israel, the name “Israel” was also a synonym for “the Jewish people”, & Netanyahu, like all Ultra-Zionists, has long adopted this ambiguity & used it to further his Ultra-Zionist goals.]

& no-one protested. I did start to write something then, but couldn’t quite think of a good way to put it together. But I was moved to at last publish this today after reading  on Facebook Dov Khenin’s latest status, which shows the Hebrew Haaretz front-page top headline from 140914 [my translation]: ISRAEL ADVANCES RELOCATION OF THOUSANDS OF BEDOUIN THE WEST BANK of an article by Amira Haas (haaretz.com today published the English version). Khenin wrote [my translation]: “Netanyahu doesn’t halt at [a] red [signal]. The evacuation & relocation of the Bedouin from the Jordan Valley is the the second step in the building push in the settlements. In the past this was called a “transfer”. In South Africa they called it cantonization. In Hebrew it’s called expulsion.”




שתי מדינות או אחת בארצישראלפלסטין לשני לאומים, לא לשני עמים Two States or One in IsraelandPalestine for Two Nations, not for Two Peoples

This is how it seems to me.כך זה נראה לי.

I felt I need to say it in IsraeliHebrew too. הרגשתי שאני צריך לומר את זה גם בעבריתישראלית

bilingual nation people (Recovered)5_Page_1bilingual nation people (Recovered)3_Page_2 A few of the sources I’ve found illuminating &/or organizations, forums or authors who may find this of interest: Sol SalbeShemuel MeirHoward AdelmanRichard FalkEmily HauserNorman FinkelsteinAntony Loewenstein; Gideon Ofrat+972 MagazineThe Palestine-Israel JournalJewish Voice for PeaceHaoketsAlMonitorMondoweissBADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee RightsOne VoiceBreaking the SilenceRabbis for Human RightsIndependent Australian Jewish VoicesThe Coalition of Women for Peace.