How Zionists justify their unilateral & ethnocratic sovereignty over Palestine: “The Jews” are the indigenes & the Arabs are the settler colonists!

Here, in a post I found in my Facebook feed, shared by some friends who are evidently still taken in by such pro-“Israel” distortions, is a blatant example of how Zionists justify their unconscionable unilateral & ethnocratic sovereignty over Palestine (I have quite frequently come across such “arguments” put forward by apologists for the Zionist occupation of Palestine, but never quite so blatantly: “The Jews” are the indigenes & the Palestinian Arabs are the settler colonists!

“[…] when taking into account 3,000 years of history and context, Palestinian Arabs, not indigenous Israeli Jews, become the offending party”. [???!!!] / Around 1,300 years ago, descendants and followers of the Prophet Mohammad from Arabia poured out of the Peninsular in an orgy of conquest, expansionism and colonization. They first annihilated ancient Jewish tribes in places like Yathrib (known today as Medina) and Khaybar before sweeping north, east and west, conquering what is today known as the Middle East, North Africa and even southern Europe. / The Jews, the last people to hold sovereignty and independence in the land, were subsequently harassed and unequally treated by a series of Roman, Byzantine and Muslim conquerors, whether Fatimid, Ayyubid, Mamluk or Ottoman. / Still, the Jewish presence never disappeared”
The  description of the Muslim conquest more than a millennium ago may be correct, but “the Jewish presence never disappeared”? Not true. A (small) Jewish presence never disappeared. There is a difference!

“When many Jews started returning to their ancestral land in the late 19th and early 20th centuries after an extremely difficult dispersion, they never sought to disrupt or disturb those whose ancestors had conquered and occupied the territory while they were in their long exile.”

!!! This is perhaps the most offensive lie. The history of Zionist immigration to Palestine is filled with acts by Jewish settler colonists that did much more than merely “disrupt or disturb” the lives of the native Arab Palestinians (& the Nakba is still ongoing!).

“Unfortunately, today, in most people’s view of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians – a self-identity barely two generations old – the colonized have become the colonizers and the role of the native Jewish population turned upside down.”

This takes the lie a step further: now all the Jews born in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East & elsewhere who have immigrated to Palestine are called “the native Jewish population”, & “the colonized” (by the Arab Palestinians!), while the actual native Arab population (some of whom may indeed be descendants of the colonizers of 1300 years ago) are called “the colonizers” & are not considered native!

& the final distortion:

“In this conflict, only one people – the Jews – meet the criteria of indigeneity, while it is abundantly clear from a cursory understanding of history that the Arab Palestinians do not, as their origins, language, culture and religion came from elsewhere. / This is the long misunderstood historical context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is absolutely a conflict between an oppressed people [“the Jews”] fighting every day for the freedom to live in their ancestral and indigenous homeland against settlers and occupiers [the Arab Palestinians]. If the lens of history is widened, it becomes clear that the current paradigm of the Jewish people as settlers and colonizers and the Palestinians as native to the territory is the opposite of the truth.”

Really? Firstly, it is not “the Jewish people” – it is the Zionist State of Israeli Jews (who constiture a distinct nation among the Jews in the world, the majority of whom are not Israelis) which has occupied & oppressed & dispossessed native Arab Palestinians for almost 70 years. Secondly, this Zionist State was established by Zionist Jews, to be settled & colonized by Jews who were not native to Palestine.

& here’s the link to the offensive post:

#NixZionism #FreePalestine Memes from 2015–2016


I think it’s time for reflection. & recollection. Yes, & in tranquility. I’ve published some 60 memes on & for this in almost two years.
Very few likes, almost no shares. My Israeli friends either don’t like them (some think it’s hateful Israel-bashing, which it isn’t) or if they agree, may not want to risk liking or sharing.& it may well be ridiculous, the idea that a meme could make a difference, could perhaps go viral & actually work as a wake-up call that will muster support for the struggle to abolish Zionist rule in Palestine & establish a free bilingual state with equal rights for all citizens, & the right of return for all expulsees & refugees born in Palestine since 1917, & for their descendants…

First step, I’ve collected the memes here, for what that’s worth. I find there’s not a little repetition. Perhaps more clarity in the more recent ones. I do think #NixZionism pretty much nails it…

& during this time I’ve also created two Facebook pages,, &“End the Occupation of Palestine”), which have also not had much traffic…

Collecting these here, & perhaps next my translations from these two years of writings in Hebrew on these matters, will at least help for the reflecting ahead…

Click on any of the images below to enlarge it; you can then use the arrows on either side to see the other memes enlarged.

A MESSAGE TO ALL JEWS EVERYWHERE, FROM IMAD ABUSHAMSIYA (who videoed the murder of Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif by Israeli soldier Elor Azaria in Hebron on March 24, 2016

“My message is to all the Jews, [calling them] to raise their voices and to say that those who are committing these crimes every day against my people, against me and against my family, do not represent Judaism, that they are the despicable face of the Israeli Occupation.

“Our message is that we are acting to achieve justice and liberty for our people, without bloodshed, but with resistance in peaceful ways, and documentation of the truth by means of the camera.”

These sentences are from the conclusion of Imad Abushamsiya’s message as posted in Hebrew by Tamar Goldschmidt. I’ve translated the message in the hope that his call will be heeded & responded to by many Jews everywhere – & not only by those who adhere to the Judaist religion. I, as one of many non-Judaist, secular, Jews (& who has neither the qualifications nor the interest to say what does or does not represent Judaism), hereby raise my voice to say that those who are committing these crimes do not represent Jews, or Jewry – they are indeed the despicable face only of the settler-colonist apartheidist Zionist Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Below is my translation of Tamar’s Hebrew intro & her translation from Arabic:

Sent to me by my Facebook friends Imad Abushamsiya and Badee Dwaik, whose lives are being made hell by settlers with the army’s help (or vice versa).


I’m Imad Abushamsiya عماد ابو شمسيةfrom Hebron. I met the well-known activist Badee alDwaik بديع الدويك, and together we started the Human Rights Defenders تجمع المدافعين عن حقوق الانسان organization. Our goal was to expose the truth (by means of pictures and documentation) of the Occupation’s crimes and injuries, as part of the non-violent struggle against the Occupation – a legitimate right according to international law.We set up a project that we called “Capturing the Occupation on Video”. Ten months ago we received a donation of four cameras from American activists, some of them Jewish. This was after they raided Badee’s home, destroyed its contents, smashed the camera with which he was documenting the raid and the fear gripping his family and his children.

I documented several cases of injury, the most important being the documentation of the murder of Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif عبد الفتاح الشريف.

The goal was to expose the Occupation’s crimes, not to defame the Jews, because we are against injuries to Jews or to any other religion or faith. We believe that our problem is not with the Judaism but with the Occupation.

After I documented this event on video my life totally turned about. Death threats against myself and my family started reaching in anonymous phone calls, on Facebook and in other written incitements made up by known settlers in Hebron. one of the known settlers in Hebron, one of the most aggressive of them – whose name I don’t want to mention here – threatened my life and that of my friend Badee. I had to sleep away from my home for several nights in order to protect my family frim a fate of murder, because we received a threat that a fate like that of the Dawabshe family awaits them. And since then several soldiers have started harassing me and constricting my life and they’re trying to punish everyone who tries to visit me or to prevent them from visiting me, The last time this happened was when they prevented the activist Badee from passing through the area after he left my home the night of the fourth day of Eid al-Adha.

My message is to all the Jews, [calling them] to raise their voices and to say that those who are committing these crimes every day against my people, against me and against my family, do not represent Judaism, that they are the despicable face of the Israeli Occupation.

Our message is that we are acting to achieve justice and liberty for our people, without bloodshed, but with resistance in peaceful ways, and documentation of the truth by means of the camera.