I’m translating this NEW YEAR message by עומדים ביחד نقف معًا [“We Stand Together”] because it feels good to know this, I am glad to see this, & even if I’m in another country, I extend my wishes with theirs, although my hopes go further, for  equality and partnership for Jews and Arabs in all of Palestine.

This year, the Hebrew New Year and the Hijra (Muslim) New Year coincide exactly on exactly the same date. This is an opportunity to wish us all a good year, a year of peace, a year of equality and partnership for Jews and Arabs in Israel, a year in which we’ll build a just society in this country, where people can live in dignity, earn a living in dignity, grow old in dignity.



Pink & Green: For Love, & for Eco-care, & for People-care, & for equal rights everywhere…

Made this yin-yang meme today (using MS Paint & Word), triggered by the latest Australian Greens kerfuffle… (Green is not Pink, Pink is not Green, but unless they embrace each other so, I see little hope for either, or for any of us & our descendants).

pg yinyang meme

for / the good of all /& for / the goodness in all

4thegood meme

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What this came from: while (in bed before sleep) remembering two of a set of four lines I learned from an erstwhile mentor, E.J. Gold (via his books) & during an early period in this bed in this room in the hills outside Mullum (we moved here in 2002) & used to repeat before sleep: “For the sake of all beings everywhere”, & “To relieve the suffering of the Absolute”, these lines came.

& what do I know? well, while I can’t say I believe that silently sending one’s good-willing energy “out there” can make a difference, as some people say prayers can, I also can’t say I believe that it can’t — & it certainly can’t do any harm. & it makes me feel good… & that’s good too…