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An update to my last, mistaken, update

Today, on Facebook, I created a “Secret Group” titled “Richard Flantz’s life’s ending”, & invited 81 friends, so far, to join it.  I will feel more comfortable posting my updates etc to this group of more intimate friends than to the public at large.
I know that some followers of my blog who don’t use Facebook would want to follow the posts and comments published in this group. The best I can do at present for these followers is to repost here the content of my posts there (but none of the comments & interchanges), while not sharing these reposts on my public Facebook timeline. Fyi. If any of you want more than this please tell  me in a comment or by email…

Here is my first post to this group, posted there earlier today:

Yesterday I posted a happy meme proudly announcing that I’d stopped taking the opiates & would go on with what vaping the good herb could bring me.


I felt like a happy hippy hero again, it’s a feeling I’ve often liked.
But that was braggadocio. That high lasted only a few hours, & further vapes later in the day kept me stoned but brought little relief.
By night-time it was pretty bad, & this morning I just had to give in & take a dose of Ordine, & a few hours later another one as well as a slow-release Targin… & now it’s just bearable again.

& I want to share the following excerpts from recent correspondence:

My (only) cousin Charlie, who’s a year younger than me, & a doctor, wrote in a reply to an email from me, “It’s clearly a difficult balancing act between pain and constipation.” To which I replied today: “Yes, definitely a difficult balancing act!
Thinking about it, I find it surprising how little one hears about this phenomenon, & even more surprising that with all the advances in medical research, there as yet exists no effective relief of unbearable pain that doesn’t bring with it the sometimes at least equally unbearable pain of constipation. Then again, all this starkly (& funnily) images the limitations of being human…”

& my dear friend David Rothfield wrote in a comment to my blogpost Update / Opiated, 2017/12/24–26: “Whatever you decide about the chemo, we know it will be for the best. Yes, quality is preferable to quantity, but right now it doesn’t sound like quality. After that bout of pain you describe, there was no doubt relief, but at least after child birth, there is the delight of seeing the new life that you have brought forth.”

I thanked him for these & his other warm & wise words, & on these points I wrote:
“& you’re right on both points: what I’ve been going thru since these pains began is certainly not quality — & after the more excruciating moments there is never the delight of new life, only the relative relief of a less excruciating pain. & since these pains aren’t cancer related, & the scan shows the cancer isn’t growing quickly, the chemo question is irrelevant, & trying it would be only an additional anxiety-ridden hassle. I’ll see if the doctors can find some way to treat the spinal condition, & if they can’t then I’ll look for a way to end it all as painlessly as possible. & I’ll keep updating for as long as I can.”
& to my blogpost Update-2017-12-28-stoned-on-herb-no-longer-opiated, my dear young friend Jayson Berger wrote: “Brave man, brave choice, my heart is with you. Fight fight against the dying of the light!

I replied:
“ thanks, jayson!
(but I really don’t feel i’m fighting against
& i’m certainly not raging against
whatever will come.)

Jayson: I was playing on Dylan Thomas’s poem but was careful not to use the word rage which I have a difficult time associating with you but rather was referring to the numbing effects of Morpheus on creative light.

Me: I know you were riffing on the brilliant [but (so I’ve long thought) conceptually flawed] Thomas villanelle.
But it’s important for me to be clear that for me this isn’t a fight, & that I’m not fighting anything.
& I’m not sure the morphine is numbing what creative light I still have — & if it is, so it goes..
& the light itself, it was there before me, & will go on after I’m gone.

The occupation of ’67 is not the problem. The problem is the Nakba. [A necessary follow-up meme]

After yesterday posting my translation of Kobi Niv’s article, I just had to follow up with this meme in the two languages that can be most influential in this tortured, torturous & torturing matter of the State of Israel’s continuing criminal rule over Palestine.

niv quote meme

Update 2017/12/28, Stoned on Herb, No Longer Opiated

Two days ago, I posted the following comment on the Facebook thread of my previous (opiated) update:

No longer opiated! Last night, writhing on the toilet-bowl from the pain of the constipation caused by the opiates that are meant to prevent the pain caused by my spinal condition, I realized that this is ridiculous!
So I decided to stop the opiations, & didn’t take the Targin last night or this morning. A meditation that helps me: when in pain, to remember the so many parts of me that are not in pain & to focus my feeling there; & when in motion to remember F.M. Alexander’s tai-chi-like “head held delicately forward & upward”, etc etc… Will write a blog post on this…

Later in the day I wrote the lines I’ve memed today:

update vaping meme
Another update, from today, is in the works…


“ENOUGH OF THE CLAPTRAP” – Kobi Niv on the most important truth about Israel in Palestine

I don’t know how many more texts I’ll yet translate, but I’m so glad to have translated into English this article by Kobi Niv in Haaretz (Hebrew), 2017/12/27, in which an Israeli-Jewish columnist states incisively & succinctly what I feel is the most important truth about Israel in Palestine. I agree with every word, & have felt this way for a long time now. Its title in Hebrew, Dai laKishkush, די לקשקוש, “ENOUGH OF THE CLAPTRAP”, is a riff on the Israeli left’s slogan Dai laKibush, די לכיבוש.
& I’ve made a meme of the first four pars because they say the essence of it all. I hope it will be widely read & shared.

kobi niv

The Hebrew original of the entire text follows. המקור העברי כולו בהמשך

& here is my translation of the entire text:

The occupation, the occupation, the occupation, the occupation – how many more times will we keep saying and hearing that it – whatever it is – is all because of the occupation, and that we can’t go on with the occupation, and that only ending the occupation will bring peace, and woe to us if we don’t end the occupation, and that the occupation corrupts, and Enough of the Occupation. And which occupation are we speaking about, the one whose ending will supposedly bring the peace and the sababa?[1] The occupation of ’67.

But the occupation of ’67 is the continuation of the occupation of ’48. This is the historical truth. The occupation of ’67 is the continuation – historical, incessant and inseparable – of the occupation of ’48.

The lie that we keep telling ourselves is that from ‘48 to ’67 there arose and existed here a model democratic state, without occupation and without oppression, but in ’67 there fell upon us the curse of the Six-Day War, which turned us, unwillingly and sadly for us, into occupiers & oppressors.

All this is as true as that a chicken is a giraffe. Because the State of Israel, in the borders of ’48 or ’67 or 2017, was conquered/occupied[2] from the Palestinians who lived in it, to establish, in their place, a state for Jews. The conquest/occupation of ’48 was the beginning of this process, and the conquest/occupation of ’67 was its continuation. It’s not the case that before there was no occupation here and now there is an occupation. All such talk is claptrap.

First of all – during all the years of the State of Israel’s existence, in its various borders, the vast majority of the Palestinians under our rule have lived under a military occupation regime. From the establishment of the state until 1966, in the sweet and little Israel of once upon a time, all the Palestinian “Israeli Arabs” lived under what was called “military government”. In ’66 this military government was as-it-were abolished, but in fact was replaced by a rule of police oppression. A year later already came the Six-Day War, and since then the decisive majority of the Palestinians under our rule continue living under an occupation regime. And in fact nothing has changed. That’s how it is here and how it’s always been.

Secondly – “the horrors of the occupation” that we do speak about today, for example the case of Elor Azaria, are like nothing compared to the horrors which that pure and tiny state perpetrated under the enlightened “left” governance of Ben-Gurion, like the blowing up of the homes in the village of Qibya with all its inhabitants, an action in which more than 60 civilians were killed, most of them women and children, in ’53, or the massacre in Kafr Qassem in which 43 civilians were killed, women and children among them, in ’56.

Moreover – during the ’48 occupation we destroyed numerous Arab villages, we killed and expelled their inhabitants, and on their ruins we established settlements. The ’67 occupation dis much more enlightened. We almost don’t destroy villages and don’t expel their inhabitants. We “only” build settlements on their lands.

This is why the occupation of ’67 is not the problem, and ending this occupation will not bring an end to the problem. The problem is the Nakba, and until the State of Israel acknowledges, loudly and clearly, its responsibility for the disaster of the Palestinians, our bloody war with them will continue.

Yet not only the government, but also the absolute majority of Israel’s Jewish citizens, including the most “leftist”, are not willing to even think about this.
Quite the opposite. What we all say to Palestinians who dare to just mention the Nakba is ”There was no Nakba, and if you keep saying there was a Nakba, we’ll do you another Nakba, got it?”

1 sababa – an Arabic word, صَبَابَة‏ ,. that has become a commonplace Israeli-Hebrew slang term for all’s cool, everything’s fine.
2 The Israeli-Hebrew word kibush, כיבוש, means both conquest and occupation.

קובי ניב / די לקשקוש

הכיבוש, הכיבוש, הכיבוש, הכיבוש – כמה פעמים עוד נשמיע ונשמע שזה הכל, מה שזה לא יהיה, בגלל הכיבוש, ואי אפשר להמשיך בכיבוש, ורק סיום הכיבוש יביא את השלום, ואוי לנו אם לא נשים קץ לכיבוש, והכיבוש משחית, ודי לכיבוש. ועל איזה כיבוש אנחנו מדברים, זה שסיומו יביא לכאורה את השלום והסבבה? הכיבוש של 67′.

אבל הכיבוש של 67′ הוא המשך הכיבוש של 48′. זאת האמת ההיסטורית. הכיבוש של 67′ הוא המשך – היסטורי, רציף ובלתי נפרד – הכיבוש של 48′.

השקר שאנחנו מספרים לעצמנו הוא שמ-48′ ועד 67′ קמה והתקיימה פה מדינה דמוקרטית למופת, בלי כיבוש ובלי דיכוי, אבל ב-67′ נפלה עלינו מארת מלחמת ששת הימים, שהפכה אותנו, שלא ברצוננו, ולא עלינו, לכובשים ולמדכאים.

כל זה נכון כמו שתרנגול זה ג’ירפה. כי מדינת ישראל, בגבולות של 48′ או 67′ או 2017, נכבשה מידי הפלסטינים שישבו בה, כדי להקים בה במקומם מדינה ליהודים. הכיבוש ב-48′ היה ראשיתו של התהליך הזה, והכיבוש של 67′ הוא המשכו. זה לא שקודם לא היה פה שום כיבוש ורק עכשיו יש כיבוש. כל הדיבור הזה הוא קשקוש.

ראשית – במשך כל שנות קיומה של מדינת ישראל, בגבולותיה השונים, תמיד חיו ועדיין חיים רוב רובם של הפלסטינים שבשליטתנו תחת משטר כיבוש צבאי. למן הקמת המדינה ועד ל-1966, בישראל הקטנה והחמודה של פעם, חיו כל הפלסטינים “ערביי ישראל” תחת מה שנקרא “ממשל צבאי“. ב-66′ כאילו בוטל הממשל הצבאי הזה, אבל בעצם רק הוחלף בשלטון דיכוי משטרתי. שנה אחר כך כבר באה מלחמת ששת הימים, ומאז ממשיכים רובם המכריע של הפלסטינים בשליטתנו לחיות תחת משטר של כיבוש. ובעצם שום דבר לא השתנה. ככה זה פה מאז ומעולם.

דבר שני – “זוועות הכיבוש” שאנחנו מדברים עליהן היום, למשל מקרה אלאור אזריה, הן כאין וכאפס לעומת הזוועות שעשתה מדינת ישראל הקטנה והזכה ההיא, תחת שלטון “השמאל” הנאור של בן-גוריון, כמו פיצוץ בתי הכפר קיביה על יושביהם, פעולה שבה נהרגו למעלה מ-60 אזרחים, רובם נשים וילדים, בשנת 53′, או הטבח בכפר-קאסם בו נרצחו 43 אזרחים, בהם גם נשים וילדים, בשנת 56′.

זאת ועוד – בכיבוש של 48′ הרסנו כפרים פלסטיניים לרוב, הרגנו וגירשנו את יושביהם, ועל חורבותיהם הקמנו לנו ישובים. הכיבוש של 67′ הרבה יותר נאור. אנחנו כבר כמעט לא הורסים כפרים ולא מגרשים את יושביהם. אנחנו “רק” מקימים ישובים על אדמותיהם.

לכן הכיבוש של 67′ הוא לא הבעיה וסיומו של הכיבוש הזה גם לא ישים קץ לבעיה. הבעיה היא הנכבה. ועד שמדינת ישראל לא תכיר, בקול רם וברור, באחריותה לאסונם של הפלסטינים, מלחמת הדמים שלנו איתם תימשך.

אלא שלא רק הממשלה, אלא גם רובם המוחלט של אזרחי ישראל היהודים, כולל הכי “שמאלנים”, לא מוכנים אפילו לחשוב על זה.

ההיפך. מה שכולנו אומרים לפלסטינים שמעזים להעלות את הנכבה על דל שפתותיהם זה “לא היתה שום נכבה, ואם תמשיכו להגיד שהיתה נכבה, נעשה לכם עוד נכבה, הבנתם