The Land (the Earth) isn’t ours / הארץ לא שלנו


A drawing & a poem from the ’80s

ndraw me poetryreading ta80s
Today I saw this drawing that Nitza made at a poetry reading of the Tel Aviv English Poets group in the early ’80s, at which I read some of my poems. Seeing it moved me to share it, together with one of my poems from those times. The poem was published in the first issue of the then newly formed Israel Association of Writers in English (IAWE)s journal, arc. It is a quasi-sonnet, & is a “response” to W.B. Yeats’ famous sonnet Leda and the Swan. (On the myth of the seduction or rape of Leda by the god Zeus in the form of a swan, & treatments of this myth in art, see, e.g.,

leda (crop)

ppp (previously published poems) 1: The Other, In the Pardess

Today I’m opening a new section &/or “category” on this blogsite, in which I intend to republish previously published poems of mine.
This morning I felt that this might be a good one to begin with.
pardess crop
This poem was published in arc: Journal of the Israel Association of Writers in English, 1 (Tel Aviv, 1982).