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no god thank goodness

The lines that follow were published in a post on this blogsite on on 140928.
I have centered the lines here & enlarged the typeface.

I thank goodness
for goodness
being here in this world

I thank goodness
for the goodness
I perceive in so many
people & creatures
& inventions & poems
& art works & sights seen
& experiences & givings
I thank goodness
for all the goodnesses
I’ve received in my living

I thank goodness
that in the midst of the horrors,
the cruelties, the injuries, the damage
that humans moved by their own
&/or their manipulative leaders’ greeds
or primal fears, imagined needs or exclusivist creeds
still inflict on other people & creatures
& on our planet of (still potential) plenty,
goodness still persists in the hearts & deeds
of so many, still alive & still evident
in protests & petitions & actions
of kindness & gestures of solidarity

I thank goodness I feel I’m part
of an evolution of a more humane humanity
I thank goodness I feel I’m part
of a revolution of conscience

I thank goodness for the goodness
in my family’s love, my love for my life-
partner, our sons & our grandchildren
& their love for me, for the goodness
I see in families around me, in people
who gladly help people & share many
blessings. I thank goodness for teachers,
for doctors, for nurses, for sanitary workers,
providers of goods & services
& all kinds of toilers & helpers
who make life easier for others;
for science, technology, & of course
always for nature, even if it too
brings us disasters (for no life is for ever
& this too I accept)

I thank goodness, not a God
I cannot believe in, for far too many evils
have been & still are being perpetrated
in the names of all gods & goddesses
or the name of the One God of whichever
religion has sprung from the invention
of the Judaic Jehovah, though I can find
both beauty & horror in the tales & laws
of the Scriptures, & wisdom as well
in some of the psalms & the prophets

I thank goodness I still have the word goodness
to express what I feel when I want to thank goodness
for a good thing that’s happened to me
or a good thing I’ve seen happen

& although I don’t know why it is so but feel sure that it is
I thank goodness for goodness being innate in us all
even tho in so many it’s so often repressed
by circumstances beyond the young experiencer’s control

I thank goodness
for goodness
being here in this world